We want to begin this update by thanking each and every person who has helped us to feed literally thousands of meals to the needy in this community. We now have 3 feeding sites here in the city along with the prisoners in the city jail, a rehab center for the disabled, and some hospital patients. To date we have served nearly 270,000 meals, which are prepared in our main kitchen on Calle Kino, near Numeros. We have reached many people with food at our newest feeding site near the railroad tracks off Samuel Ocaña. People come each day from the little houses built along the railroad tracks to eat a hot lunch, and are frequently able to take food home with them to have another meal in the evening. Each day at each of the feeding sites we are able to send food home with those who need another meal for their children that day. It’s hard to imagine the desperation they feel in trying to keep their children well fed. We are in need of volunteers who would be willing to drive to the schools and serve the neediest students. This requires about 1-1 1/2 hours per day, 5 days per week. If you have 1 day or more a week to volunteer, please contact Nohe at the main kitchen on Kino. Monetary donations can be mailed to Mission Heartbeat, Box 1032, Lukeville, AZ 85341. Please make checks payable to Mission Heartbeat and indicate that the donation is for 2 FISH. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to provide food and necessities at the feeding sites. If you are calling from the U.S., call (405) 227-9433.
2 FISH continues to feed and minister to over 300 people each day, 5 days per week. We have 3 locations and are feeding in some schools as well. We continue to need volunteers and, of course, the ministry is totally supported by donations, so those are always welcome. We thank God that He continues to provide for this ministry as we reach out to those in need.