2 FishEach person is a different story, another life in this world. Today I want to introduce you to “The Twin”. He is a young man who has mental challenges. He had a twin when he was born, both babies were born with mental challenges, therefore they are children trapped in adult bodies.

They have had to go out and eke out an existence, since their parents are of an advanced age and very low income.

“El Cuate” as they’re called in Spanish, goes out to clean windshields and whatever he makes he takes to his mother. He comes to eat at Two Fish Ministries always with a great big smile, and always comments as to how good the beans and rice taste. Looking at these faces I can testify about all the people like him who benefit from you donations of money, clothing and food that reach the people that really need them.

I want to thank you on behalf of all these people that you are helping, and ask you to continue to give your little grain of sand so that this ministry may continue moving forward.

May God bless you and multiply that which you so generously give.

Thank you so much, may you have a blessed New Year.