Things are moving along normally with 2 FISH. With school out we are not feeding quite as many people, but our HOPE is that we have more volunteers who can serve at a school this year and that we can again reach out to several schools. There are so many schools that have children who need a hot meal, however, the number of schools we serve is limited by the number of volunteers available to take the food to the school, serve it and return the serving dishes to the main kitchen. We will be needing these volunteers by the time the September issue of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper is published.
It always seems like our donations decrease in the summer with fewer people visiting. We are so very grateful for the people who have become regular monthly donors to the ministry. They are a huge help is making what we do possible.
We are greatly encouraged with the news regarding new businesses and jobs coming to Rocky Point, and we look forward to the day our economy becomes stable enough to provide jobs for everyone.
2 FISH continues to feed and minister to over 300 people each day, 5 days per week. We have 3 locations and are feeding in some schools as well. We continue to need volunteers and, of course, the ministry is totally supported by donations, so those are always welcome. We thank God that He continues to provide for this ministry as we reach out to those in need.