The Two Fish Ministry is a ministry dedicated to feed people of low resources. Men women and children come here from different places as well as here locally. We thank God and all all the wonderful people who contribute to this Ministry that makes it possible for these people to get a plate of food on a daily basis.

We just celebrated our 7th anniversary in this Ministry, not a day goes by that we’re not grateful to see so many people be blessed by receiving a hot meal.

If you would like to donate to this labor of love with either goods or cash, you may do so at our location on Blvd. Kino, between Ave. Juarez and the Numeros store, you may also call 638-113-7260, or 638-110-6136, you will reach Noeh or Margarita Mendiaz, the Directors of the Two Fish Ministry.

Donations by check can also be mailed to Mission Heartbeat, P.O. Box 1032, Lukeville,Az., all donations are tax exempt.

We thank you in advance for your donations, may God bless you.