If you are considering a real estate transaction in or near Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point, or anywhere in Mexico for that matter, you will want to carefully consider the selection of your real estate agent. After all, you will be partners in your transaction, in the sense that you will be working together to achieve your real estate goals.

While real estate licenses are required in the State of Sonora, Mexico (the state in which Puerto Peñasco is located), there are many individuals working without real estate licenses! Real estate licensure is overseen by the State of Sonora Department of Economy; the Department of Economy has not yet figured out a way to enforce the law, except through voluntary compliance. Each real estate agent is an independent business person, and as such decides the structure of his or her business. Agents may belong to a company of associates, or may work independent of affiliation with a company. Agents and companies have the option of membership in AMPI, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Agents, a sister organization to National Association of Realtors in the U.S.A., and agents who choose to belong to AMPI bring extras to your business relationship that bear consideration, starting with a real estate license. All AMPI members who are real estate agents or brokers MUST have current real estate licenses.

Your AMPI agent is governed not only by the real estate laws of the State of Sonora, but also by the AMPI Code of Ethics that guides best practices in real estate. AMPI has a Vice President of Ethics who is always available to help agents with questions, to assist with problem resolution, and who will convene the Honor and Justice Committee to resolve formal ethical complaints from agents or from clients of AMPI agents when necessary. If your agent is not a member of AMPI, you will have fewer avenues of assistance if some part of your agent-client relationship goes awry.

Your AMPI agent is well-educated. AMPI Chapter 51 Puerto Peñasco has been tasked by the State of Sonora to provide education for real estate licensure, and license renewal. In addition to formal classes, information is shared at meetings, among agents, and by member brokers to their agents. The national organization offers many educational opportunities to members, and strongly encourages that agents stay well-educated as our markets change and grow.

Your AMPI agent is involved in our community. AMPI agents have recently been seen participating in the clean-up of Boulevard Fremont, and in the past have painted out graffiti, conducted food and winter wear collections, and assisted local youth sports activities, to name just a few. AMPI is currently involved in the effort to bring air service to Puerto Peñasco, and is working with the city to help formulate policies that will benefit government and residents and visitors alike. Your AMPI agent also has his or her own favorite causes, and many agents devote much time, and often money, to many great local purposes. All this community activity means that your AMPI agent is engaged, making him or her a good choice to represent your interests in a real estate transaction.

Your AMPI agent is a member of the Puerto Peñasco Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This means that your AMPI agent shares in the availability and marketing of every single property of every single AMPI member, dramatically increasing the probability of a successful transaction, regardless of whether the transaction is selling or buying. The seller is benefitted because every AMPI agent will be marketing his property to potential buyers, and the buyer is benefitted because his AMPI agent has access to every property in the MLS.

Your AMPI agent invests in AMPI membership and participates in the business and activities of the organization in order to be the best developed, most professional, and most ethical real estate professional possible. Remember, not every real estate agent is a member of AMPI; when choosing your real estate representative, that is, when choosing your partner for your real estate transaction in Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point, choosing a member of AMPI, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Agents, is an important consideration.

Gretchen Ellinger has lived in Puerto Peñasco and worked as a real estate agent for 13 years. She is past president of the local chapter of AMPI, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, and for 8 years served as the AMPI Vice President of Education. She also consults with people who are considering retirement in Mexico, and is a tireless advocate for Puerto Peñasco. She can be reached at 638-384-0458 or 602-317-3881 (USA).