During your vacation, don’t take life so seriously. Put down the computer, stop updating your facebook status about how much fun you’re having (at least for a few days), put down your smart phone and live in the present. Read the 9 ideas to find bliss in Rocky Point and try them all out or OK, perhaps you need baby steps…at least try one.

1.             Discover ways to enjoy the escape of the beach and vacation how it used to be when no one could find you. Use this excuse, “I’m going to Rocky Point not sure how much phone coverage or internet I will have so I will catch up with you when I get back.” This line still works(even though we do have service for both internet and phone Shhh!). Use it for a weekend and go back to the old times when contacting the outside world was really impossible from Mexico. At least for one weekend.


2.             Walk the beach at least 10 – 30 minutes every day you are on vacation. Look at the beautiful Sea of Cortez shimmering like diamonds, and at all the happy people on the beach. It is an ultimate stress reliever.

3.         Grab a blanket (not a towel) or buy one off the merchant on the beach trying to sell his wares, and actually lay down on the blanket in silence, get comfortable. Listen to the waves, take a deep breath, smell the sea.

4.         Stop any negative thoughts that pop in your mind, don’t let them enter. For one weekend don’t talk about anyone unless it is positive. Think happy thoughts, smile…remarkably, you will be happy.

5.         Get your rest. At least 7.5 – 9 hours. Yes, just try it, If you like to sleep in late do that one morning, if you like to get up early, enjoy the quiet morning at the beach. Rest and relaxation will come.

6.         Make it a goal to do something nice for one person each day of your vacation. Give back in some way. Make their day easier by helping them with something, even just making them smile. Don’t tell anyone what you did, keep the secret for yourself!

7.         Try one adventurous or new thing in Rocky Point on your weekend away. One thing you have never tried before or haven’t done in a long time. Whether that means kayaking, swimming in the ocean, eating a new dish or flying in an ultra light. Try one new adventure whatever is new for you!

8.         On the weekends in Rocky Point there is always live music somewhere. Max’s on Calle 13 has live music every weekend. Wrecked at the Reef has live music. Mariachis are present in many restaurants. Pick up a Rocky Point Times find out where the music will be and go hear some live talent. Music is good for the soul.

9. Watch the entire sunset. From the beginning it starts to approach the horizon until after it drops in the sea (look for the green flash!)  If you don’t know what that is, it is the illusion of a green flash when the sun hits the ocean just right. Make a wish if you see it as it is rare. Having traveled to many places that claim to have the best sunset in the world, my vote is still with Puerto Peñasco. Pick a spot, private or public, and watch the entire show. Mother Nature in Rocky Point sure knows how to end the day with beauty.

Find your bliss in Rocky Point and enjoy your vacation.

Warning: trying all 9 of these at one time will certainly cause happy heartbeats, smiles on faces and a feeling of inner peace. If you experience these symptoms all at once, please consult your travel planner and book another vacation in Rocky Point.


Anita Kaltenbaugh is a traveler with a love for Puerto Peñasco andthe Sea of Cortez where she resided for 2 years. Originally, a coal miners daughter from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania (a long way from the shores of Mexico), an unexpected visit to Rocky Point in 1990 captured her heart. Currently working on a new travel book “Travel Secrets- Inside guide to affording, planning and taking more vacations”, she spends her free time traveling the world with her husband and relaxing in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico at her favorite seaside town. Check out more of Anita’s articles on Rocky Point at www.examiner.com/x-5715-Phoenix-Mexico-Travel-Examiner.