If you haven’t noticed Rocky Point is growing and with the growth comes much needed additions. Yes, there are more cars (aka more time spent at the border on weekends), but there are also new services, new buildings, new restaurants, and new activities every day. An important service to take special note of is SkyMed, which is an emergency medical evacuation plan with no deductibles, no copays, and no claims forms, serving the USA, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico, including Puerto Peñasco. A Global Option can also be added.

What are they?

SkyMed is a medical evacuation plan that can transport you to the home hospital of your choice (USA, Canada, or within Mexico) if you become critically ill, or have a serious accident.

How does it work?

Sign-up for a plan that fits your needs, if you want the peace of mind in case an emergency medical situation happens when in Mexico, or on your journey down here. SkyMed evacuates members in three ways: Air Ambulance, Commercial with Nurse Escort, and Commercial. They state one of many differences from other plans is that they offer Members’ Choice, which allows the member to decide if they want to be evacuated and where they want to be evacuated to. They also offer vehicle and vessel return.

Who is SkyMed?

SkyMed prides themselves as “The Gold Standard” of medical evacuation and have been serving members successfully for almost 35 years.

Why do we need it?

I spoke with Alex Ash, SkyMed Certified Rep. and an expat living in Mexico. When he visited Puerto Peñasco, he noticed the need with all the RVs, snowbirds and expats. Alex explained, “In a medical emergency, not only does SkyMed get the patient home but also pets, vehicles and family members.”

Alex pointed out they even have members who have used the service several times. “As long as your plan does not lapse, your rate protected with a lifetime-lock and guaranteed renewal”. Before you have an emergency surgery or treatment here, would you want to be flown back to your home hospital in the USA, Canada or within Mexico?

Interested in learning more? Contact alexander.ash@skymed.com with all your questions. Alex added, “SkyMed is customer service orientated, this isn’t something you should order online.” He urges people interested to get the facts, get educated, and see if it’s important for their lifestyle. Ask him about special discounts and 2022 promotions only available from your Rep.

When you’re looking at medical evacuation plans, you need to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Contact Alex directly for full information.

Puerto Peñasco is growing, and important services such as SkyMed are helping us grow positively into the future.