Granite, volcanic rock and limestone can be found in many places all over the world but in just 3.5 hours by car from Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, unusual outcroppings looking out over the magnificent Sea of Cortez exist, ready for explorers.

Like to hike? How about a hike with the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez beside you on one side and a collection of uniquely formed rock sculptures jutting out on the other side. With every step you take your eyes spot something new; a pelican dive-bombing a fish, a group of birds swimming in a large group of 20 making splashes on the surface and all of a sudden they all go under in unison beneath the water, disappearing completely only to magically appear several feet down the shore bobbing on the surface of the waves once more.

Sound interesting? It is. Take a trip down to Puerto Penasco aka Rocky Point and follow the signs towards Sandy Beach, (look for the high rise condominiums) take the road past all the resorts which follows the beach towards Cholla Bay community and turn into the restaurant and RV park “The Reef”. You will see the RV park, the beach area and three great restaurants. A great cantina called “Wrecked at the Reef” is a cool spot to catch lunch after your hike and if it is dinner you are looking for Mare Blu is a wonderful Italian food dining spot.

Park and head toward the sea. When you’re at the water’s edge head to your right towards the jagged mountains and look for a trail that runs along the sea and into the cliffs. Follow this and you will end up on the back side of the American expat community of Cholla Bay. Enjoy the scenery, have a picnic or just hike. Take a deep breath, the air pollution here is not to be worried about. You can feel the difference when your hiking. Cool, salty air without the city pollution fills your lungs. Dogs love it too! so if your vacationing with your pooch, take them for a hike.

When you’re done snapping photos turn around head back to “the Reef” parking lot and have a cool beverage at “Wrecked at the Reef” outside at their beach bar.

Don’t forget to grab your camera, wear sturdy shoes and bring water. One last thing while on your hike beside the sea cliffs (only 3.5 hours from Phoenix), close your eyes for a minute (in a sturdy place on the path) no accidents here, and do a 180 degree turn. Look around you, take it in, you may wonder what country or planet you landed on. With all the unusual beauty of the sea cliffs, rock sculptures, jagged edges and volcanic rock you may be transported somewhere else. What it’s not is the Arizona desert, what it is, is a wonderful creation of nature at its best and not too far away from Phoenix or Tucson. Check it out, it’s worth the hike!