Do you have the Fever? I do; I crave more beach days. I can’t get enough of beach days. In fact I wish I was sitting on the beach right now mesmerized by the sparkling sea! I can’t help myself, it is after all one of the most spectacular weather times of the year. The birds are chirping the bees are buzzing, flowers and cacti are blooming marvelous colors all over town. Rebirth. Renewal. Resurrection. Replenishment. Young and old, visitors and locals are taking the time to smell the flowers. Folks are relaxing, putting their feet up or maybe across the warm, soft sand, taking a deep breath and enjoying the fantastic weather. Cheeks to the sun, eyes are smiling, and everything is coming alive – it is spring in Peñasco.
They say “Springtime in Paris” is incredible, try the beauty of our little seaside town in April. We may not have Paris, but we have the flavors, the music, and the ultimate spring seaside climate of Mexico. Springtime in Peñasco has a pretty nice ring to it.
Spring has always been a celebration of new life. Winter has officially retreated, and summer is teasing us, not quite here yet, but letting us taste the best of what’s been hidden, the newness invigorating us.  Vibrant colors and warmer temps breathe new life for those of us here in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, ready for the days when the sun doesn’t stop shining so early, the sand is so warm beneath your toes and night skies are a perfect field of a thousand stars.
The Whales may have left us, moved on to Southern Baja, but they mated and brought new life to our waters, ready to come back next year. The springtime show of dolphins, sea lions, and sea turtles are ready to take the stage, warming their faces in the sun.
Easter will bring sold out condominiums and hotels and families celebrating. The air will be full of laughter, relaxation, and new memories of a weekend at the beach. There are many things to celebrate in April, new venues, eateries and places to relax sipping your favorite cocktail. Find a place to sit outside and enjoy the outstanding weather. Many businesses offer wonderful outdoor seating to relish in the beautiful temps of the season. If you are looking for a place to catch some spring fever, try out of a few of my suggestions below and enjoy the weather and the salty air:
Here are 7 newer places to eat and drink in the fresh air:
1. FISH Seafood Restaurant Bar- Chef Luca of Pane e Vino has taken over the old Lighthouse on top of the hill beside La Casa del Captain. (New to 2015) check out the outstanding view.
2. Crazy Ed’s Satisfied Frog on the Malecon- (New 2014) It is located at the end of the Malecon beside Hotel Viña Del Mar with great views, fried chicken, wonderful thin crust pizza and fried tequila shots.
3. Southside Jillz- ( New 2014) Jill has taken over the old Rocky Point Beach Club on Calle 13 and added an outside area full of relaxation and games.
4. Skullyz- (New 2015) at the end of Calle 13, the old Sunset Bar has a new owner. Free breakfast with purchase of a drink. Grab a drink and go up to the rooftop!
5. Bacanora Grill (Cocina de Sonora y Bar) – (New 2014) located in the Marina area on the way to Old Port, check out the ocean view and breeze.
6. Frenchy’s Bar and Grill- Opened by Canadians, thus the maple leaf, (New 2015), this place sits back off Calle 13 on the road to Sandy Beach.
7. Mariachis and Tequila’s- (New 2015), need to do some shopping Check out Rodeo Drive, Cholla Mall on the road by the convention center. Now a place to enjoy good food and drinks, after all the outdoor shopping.
And, In case you’re new in town, and have never explored any of our many great places that offer outdoor seating and fresh air, here are my 3 old time favorite’s places to enjoy the weather.
1. Wrecked at the Reef Cantina on Sandy Beach- I love this ocean front, sandy beach bar! Put your toes in the sand and relax. Day or night. You can also check on the progress of the home port.
2. La Casa De Captain (right beside the new Fish) – Outstanding way to see the town Of Puerto Peñasco from above. Great view! Hard to Beat!
3. XOCHITLS Café ( Sally’s Place) in Cholla Bay -sit on the roof top and eat a great breakfast, (and well, since you are in Cholla Bay, head to JJ’s Cantina for an after breakfast drink outside on their stone patio on the bay) It reminds me of a village in Greece.
Another Spring event worth mentioning, (2nd year) if you haven’t visited the Mermaid Market, check out their big April event on April 18th, the 2nd Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza. Need I say more? Who doesn’t want to see pirates and mermaids on your beach weekend! Cajun, New Orleans Music, food, drinks and a costume contest. So all you closeted pirates and mermaids here’s your chance to be seen! (More information in RP Times)
So wherever you are reading this, come on down and have a Rocky Point beach weekend or a week, the weather is calling you. If you don’t have the fever yet, you will when you leave!

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain