Tequila…when in Mexico, tequila is a popular choice. And it should be as this tasty liquid has been acknowledged as a distinctive product of Mexico through first NAFTA and now the United States Mexican Canada Agreement.

Yes, Tequila is Mexico’s own.

Around town, this aged tradition is readily available in bars, restaurants, shops and even for a fun group activity. Gather your friends and family and make it an excursion, try a tequila tasting at Manny’s Tequila Factory located on Benito Juarez.

Our local favorite rock band, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers have sipped it, slung it and sung about it for years, naming it “Mexican Moonshine” after the band’s song. But, if you haven’t heard there’s a rebrand afoot, Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila is now being rebranded as Canción Tequila, the Spanish word for “song.”

The decision to change the name of the ultra-premium tequilas was made to honor the quality of their spirit and dispel the confusion over the word “moonshine.” A beautiful and fitting name that is now globally trademarked.

Just like a good tequila rolls off your tongue, so does the new name Canción.

Mexican Moonshine (now Canción) has been making its mark, winning awards and being featured in the Diamondbacks stadium for three years. Prior to the rebrand, Canción won gold medals from the San Francisco World Spirits competition.

Catching up with Alisa Clyne, (wife of Roger), their journey to this award-winning tequila globally trademarked, is full of stories. From college students on a spontaneous road trip through Mexico with a paper map, discovering hidden beach towns in a VW bus 30 years ago, to tacos, tequila and an impressive adventure of music and festivals. It’s been a trip, nicknaming their favorite spirit, Mexican Moonshine in a song, and seeing a bottled tequila come to fruition and now owning a trademarked juice that not only makes you smile but has a new name, Canción, which couldn’t be more rock and roll perfect.

A rock love story infused with tequila. Love it.

As we talked about this popular beverage that dates back to the Aztecs, can we say, “Nectar of the Gods”, I only wished we would have been sipping Canción, but again that might have ended up being an entirely different article. So, sin tequila, I asked Alisa a few questions about Canción.

Q. What is your favorite Canción tequila?

  1. My favorite depends on what I am in the mood for, sometimes the Canción Blanco with club soda and a squeeze of lime, I call it Clyne Ranch Water, or a shot of Canción Reposado to sip on the side of an ice-cold Mexican lager.

Q. And Roger’s favorite?

  1. Roger’s favorite changes with the season. But, with the new name we launched our Extra Añejo (which had only previously been released in a limited edition) that he has been enjoying neat.

Q. When will the new Canción bottles be on the shelves in Rocky Point?

  1. Not until the Fall. But right now, is the last of the original labeled “Mexican Moonshine” bottles. Where? At Tony’s Licores at the base of the hill of El Capitan, Tony is the official distributor for Rocky Point (so your favorite bar/restaurant can order from Tonys to carry it) and even has a drive thru as a liquor store.

Q. What other changes can we expect?

A. We are changing the shape of the bottle for Blanco. All the tequila’s have been classic little, short fat guys, which look awesome (some say it looks like a sack of treasure sitting on the counter) but not for bartenders. So, with the new name we chose a tall, slim bottle that is much easier for bartenders to make cocktails quick and easy.

Q. What else should tequila lovers know about Canción?

A. It is made in a centuries-old distillation process at an amazing modern facility called “La Fabrica de Tequilas Finos.” Just recently the distillery did a second phase of solar panels and went to 85% full solar power. So not only is it good to drink, but it is also good for the environment. Canción is made with 100% Blue Agave from private farms in the valleys of Jalisco, Mexico. It is distilled twice and then filtered three times to clean out the fusil oils, aldehydes, and ketones. Nasty hangover, not here – a cleaner spirit and a higher quality. There are no additives, fillers, colors or flavors added to our ultra-premium tequilas. The distillery takes the extra step in filtering leftover liquids from the distillation process into drinkable water and compostable solids so that the water table does not receive any impurities.

Are you thirsty yet? I am.

Canción is now in 11 states and 2 countries and growing, (Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin) and Canción is the official sponsor for the 4-day not to be missed music festival, Circus Mexicus happening this month June 9-12th.

“We are the boots on the ground,” Alisa Clyne said, who has been running the brand for 9 years, “I’ve always tried to keep myself in the shadows, out of the story, keeping Roger’s art is the focus, it’s what everything stems from…but the tequila is starting to have a life of its own now. So, I am allowing myself to be part of the story.”

You can find it in Rocky Point at Banditos, Chango’s, Capone’s, El Capitan, Tekila Bar, Sharkbite, Wrecked at the Reef, Manny’s Beach Club, JJ’s Cantina, Pan e Vino, Chef Mickey’s & Tonys Licores.

Canción is available in Blanco, Reposado (aged for 9 months), Añejo (aged for 18 months) and Extra- Añejo (rests for at least 3 years). Even though we might have to wait a little longer to buy a bottle in Mexico, go to their website to find all the Arizona locations.

And, when you’re looking for a tasty tequila to try in Mexico, order a drink with a song, Canción!