Take the sandy road to Cholla Bay and you might be surprised at all the destinations you can visit. In fact, you can make it a day trip, and explore and experience a fun day in Cholla Bay.

One of the oldest bars in Rocky Point where thousands of friendships, memories and romances have been made, JJ’s Cantina, has reopened under the folks that brought you Wrecked at the Reef and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re in for a treat.

Kelly Lynn Albert, owner of your new “no sniveling favorite destination” has been working hard to offer Cholla Bay a “new JJ’s experience “. And, even though the landmark had a facelift, I love that they didn’t change the name or the community feeling. Don’t worry you’ll still have the same awesome beautiful views of Cholla Bay, but now with updated seating, handrails, a cool by the sea band stage, and new collectible JJ’s swag.

Be warned there’s still no sniveling to be had, but this time around, JJ’s has many reasons to have you smiling. How about a/c in the bar area👍, fire pits outside and a new menu. There’s a little something for everyone with tasty bites such as buffalo cauliflower, chili rellenos, and seasonal grilled fish … Yes, there’s still tacos, chips and salsa, and hot dogs but there’s also delicious breakfast on the weekends with mimosas and Bloody Mary’s and a pet friendly patio (as long as they’re on a leash). Summer hours are Thursday through Monday opening at 8:30 am. There’s live music Fridays and Saturday at 6 pm and Sundays at noon. As the weather cools down and fall approaches, they will be adding a happy hour and increased hours.

While you’re out there in Cholla Bay, don’t forget to stop by Xochitl’s (Thursday’s through Monday (summer Friday-Sunday) 7am-3pm) and have a meal, drink or breakfast (my favorite: Bloody Mary’s and Mexican cheese crisp). Xochitl’s is on the opposite side of JJs and the first restaurant you will see coming into Cholla Bay, right after the pavement. Xochitl’s or (Sally’s as I have always known it for the wonderful woman that created it, rest in peace) serves breakfast, lunch and take and bake pizzas, they have a/c inside and a great upper deck with a unique view of Cholla and a huge variety of reasonably priced delicious food.

Save some room for a fish taco, because if you haven’t been to Mr.  Fish Taco, well… you just have to. (generally open weekends, limited hours)

Need a plan?

Here’s my agenda for a Cholla Bay Day.

Start the weekend with breakfast at Xochitl’s, maybe have one Bloody Mary, machaca and eggs, and take a picture in front of the cool artwork on the outside, next you’ll pass Cholla Bay Oyster House, go inside look at the bay and sit at the bar made from a boat, snap a pic and have a beverage, maybe an oyster or crab cake, and then walk out to the edge of the bay and take in all the treasures you can spot in low tide, wander along the sand, shoot some pretty nature pictures, and walk some more. You’ll need the exercise to continue on the next round. Head back and have another cool beverage at Cholla Bay Oyster House, get back in your vehicle, (off road vehicles welcome in Cholla) and then drive past JJ’s Cantina a couple hundred yards, and stop at Mr. Fish Taco, if it’s open have a fish taco at Mr. Fish and take a pic.

Now, it’s time to head back to JJ’s and take another trek on the sand at low tide, or if it’s high tide march down the steps to the water and take a dip and cool off in the Sea of Cortez, wherever you’re traveling from, know that at JJ’s you are at 38 elevation. You can’t get much lower….come on up, dry off in the sunshine on the patio and listen to some live music. They have an outdoor bar and indoor bar. Once you’re dry, move inside and try the a/c. You’ll probably be hungry again, if so don’t miss the jalapeño mac and cheese, shrimp tostada, cauliflower buffalo bites, or pastor pineapple chicken sandwich.

Buy yourself some cool swag at the Swag Shop, take some pictures around the fire pit, and you’ll have a day to remember. And, just as they do at Wrecked at The Reef, JJ’s will always accept donations and will reciprocate with a free drink/beer coupon. The donations can be for anywhere or anything such as Red Cross, Casa Hogar, Barbs Dog Rescue, Santa Claus Club etc. and they will make deliveries as often as needed to any places necessary. So, if you’re planning on spending the day in Cholla bring some donations with you.

Coming soon there will be one more exciting spot to add to the Cholla Bay line up. Have I mentioned how much I love pizza? Cholla Bay Pizza Co. does not yet have an opening date or menu, but we do know they will have pick-up and delivery of yummy pizza.

“Still No Sniveling”

Thanks to Larry Miles-Hillyard, licensed Rocky Point Realtor”, larry.miles@kw.com for photos.