Tea Leaves and Time: Have a cup of both at the beach.

Sips and Sand Part 1: Enjoying Coffee, Tea, and the Beach

June in Rocky Point is one of my favorite months. The town is full of life and laughter. Schools out, summers here and it is a great month to enjoy wedding celebrations, Father’s Day and not to be missed featuring over 20 musical bands & musicians, Circus Mexicus Music Festival from June 8- 11th.

Music, great weather, warm water, what else could you ask for? Well, with that in mind, a friend of mine introduced me to a unique new experience in Puerto Peñasco. La Casa del Té is a new and charming addition to Puerto Peñasco. It provides locals and tourists with a nostalgic experience of stepping back in time to a tea room. The tea room is fully stocked with a variety of tea, coffee, lattes, juices, ice cream sandwiches, specialty bakery items, sandwiches, and much more. And, when I say much more, I mean an assortment of delicious bakery items, tea to go and tea cups, pots and other tea related gifts for sale. The top of the walls are lined with hundreds of tea pots in all shapes and sizes, adding to the charm and character of the establishment. I asked the owner, Beth Bardin, if she ever counted how many teapots she had collected and she had not, but trust me there are hundreds.

Owner Beth Bardin has been helping churches and the homeless population of Mexico for over twenty years. She hopes that the profits from La Casa del Té will help fund her mission of providing support to those in need. The idea for a tea room first came from Beth’s mother, who always dreamed of opening one together in Gilbert. Unfortunately, the dream never came true until now.

The tea room is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, except for Wednesdays. In addition to enjoying a delicious cup of tea or coffee, customers can also reserve the large tea room for special occasions such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, or anniversary celebrations. The large tea room can accommodate up to 50 people.

The purpose of tea rooms is to provide a place for people to relax, socialize, and enjoy the company of others. They were originally popular in the 19th century, where they were frequented by wealthy ladies who would gather to chat, drink tea, and enjoy light snacks. Today, tea rooms are no longer for the wealthy or just women for that matter. They continue to be a popular gathering place for friends, family, and couples. They provide a quaint and memorable experience that is often hard to come by in our fast-paced world.

La Casa del Té is not just a tea room but a place with a purpose. It offers delicious treats, a nostalgic experience, and the opportunity to support a good cause. So, if you’re in Puerto Peñasco, take some time out of the busy beach schedule and relax for a cup of tea and stop by and check out this charming establishment.

While tea rooms might seem like a modern concept, they actually have a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the origins of tea rooms.

1. They have their roots in China – Tea was first discovered in China over 5,000 years ago, and ever since then it has played an important role in Chinese culture. However, it wasn’t until the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) that tea began to be brewed in teahouses. These establishments were quite similar to modern-day tea rooms, serving as a meeting place for people to socialize over a cup of tea.

2. The first English tea rooms were for men only – Tea was first introduced to England in the 17th century, where it quickly became popular among the upper classes. These establishments were initially men-only, providing a space for businessmen to conduct meetings and deal-making.

3. Women’s clubs helped popularize tea rooms in the US – In the United States, tea rooms began to gain popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Women’s clubs and social organizations helped to promote the idea of tea as a refined and sophisticated social activity, and tea rooms quickly became a popular destination among women looking for a quiet space to socialize.

4. Tea rooms were popularized by the suffragette movement – Tea rooms gained even more popularity in the early 20th century thanks to the suffragette movement. Women’s rights activists often used tea rooms as a meeting place to discuss political and social issues, and they quickly became associated with the fight for women’s equality.

5. Tea rooms are still popular around the world – While the popularity of tea rooms may have waned in some places, they are still a staple in many countries. In Japan, for example, traditional tea ceremonies are an important part of the country’s culture, while in the UK, tea rooms continue to be a beloved institution.

La Casa del Té is just the latest addition to this long tradition, and it’s sure to be a popular destination among tea lovers in Puerto Peñasco. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful space to relax or a place to socialize with friends, a tea room is the perfect spot to do so. They are located on Miguel Hidalgo entre Belisario Domínguez y Justo Sierra. Their phone number is (638) 690-9921.

And for you coffee lovers–All about coffee in Peñasco coming next month.

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