Visitors in a foreign country can expect to encounter unfamiliar food and behavior. It’s what makes travel so interesting. Here are some examples of questions sent in by inquiring Rocky Point Times readers.

Q: Why do some men roll their shirts up to their chins and expose their man boobs in the summer?
A: I have a couple answers for this one. The first answer is, when it’s hot, stripping to bare skin will allow for the cool breezes of summer to give welcome relief. The second answer is that some men expose their chests because, as children, they played a game called, “I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours.” They figure if it worked with little Maria next door when they were four years old, it will work on UA coeds strolling by the fish market when the men are 40. I say, good luck with that.

Q: Do they sell alarm clocks in Rocky Point?
A: No. Alarm clocks don’t work near the ocean.

Q: Do women go topless on the beach?
A: Although it brings incredibly big smiles to some faces, public nudity is frowned upon here. However, when female toplessness does occur, it’s mostly by accident during volleyball games, and mostly on purpose during motorcycle rallies.

Q: Where can I find the best shrimp cocktail?
A: I asked part-time resident and self proclaimed shrimp cocktail connoisseur, Beckie Fennemore, to dish on the subject. A meticulous student of Mexican gastronomy, Beckie says the typical recipe has varying amounts of shrimp, Clamato, celery, onion, fresh tomato, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper, and Tabasco or a similar hot sauce. All that stuff goes in a plastic cup sold by street vendors, or in tall soda fountain glasses at restaurants, and is often served with foil-wrapped saltine crackers. While Beckie says she makes a killer shrimp cocktail herself, her pick for the best in Rocky Point is Mary’s on the Malecón.

Q: What’s the weather like in Rocky Point?
A: Lots of sun. Not much rain. Think Tucson, except with an ocean.

Q: Do they sell American brands of candy there, like M&M’s and Snickers?
A: Sure. But once in a while I prefer Mexican dulces (pronounced DOOLsays; it means sweets). In addition to sugary treats, there are also salty, sour and hot flavors. Whether it’s commercially produced and packaged candies and chips, or homemade varieties, they are all yummy in the tummy.

Q: I know there’s a Burger King in Rocky Point, but are there any plans for a McDonald’s?
A: Are you the same dummy who asked about the alarm clocks?

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