Spring break, the Easter week festivities and filling out tax forms must have burned out everyone in April, because Cap’n Greg didn’t get any questions for May. So I decided to manufacture some editorial content.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, thirst overcame common sense—again—and I met my good friend Frank for a cool refreshment at Capone’s. (Rufus didn’t get to ride on Frank’s golf cart and that was one perturbed pup.)

Anyway, Frank and I talked about how Peñasco has changed over the years, and that most of those changes have been good. For example, just recently El Greco’s Greek Restaurant has given us another choice for dining, and the Sam’s Club now being built will be a future shopping option. Workers are removing the sunken remains of the Fiesta Cruiser from the harbor entrance, and with that old rust bucket out of circulation, there will probably be more and better boats available for the sunset cruise experience.

I never thought much about it, but Frank says bars have it tougher than other businesses in Rocky Point because they depend not only on spring break and holiday crowds, but also on patrons who live here full time. I recently stopped in on brothers Luis and Carlos, and local entrepreneur Joel, who were hard at work resurrecting the Sunset Cantina across from the Peñasco del Sol hotel. They told me the Cantina is being reborn as a place to enjoy life in the slow lane. Besides drink specials and a killer view from the upper deck, they say they are working with El Greco’s downstairs and Filibertos down the street so their customers can have food to accompany their libations. Also, there was talk about bringing back the regular dart tournaments that drew locals to the Cantina for so many years.

As much as he’d like another glass of Indio, Frank says he has to go or Rufus will be jealous. We’ll meet again soon. In the meantime, I think I’ll head on over to the Sunset Cantina and see what’s up. Maybe enjoy some olives and feta cheese from El Greco’s. When it comes to Rocky Point, there are so many choices, yet so little time. Let’s try to enjoy them all, amigos. And amigas, too.