CapnGregAnother year just fell off the cosmic calendar and I don’t see much difference from the old one. The sun rises and sets. The tides roll in and out. Politicians continue to be pretty much a waste of skin. And we do our best to keep on keepin’ on. To help us improve our lives, some of us go so far as to make a list of resolutions, like Jessica Warring of Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. She is one of thousands of snowbirds who spend winters here in the Southwest. She visits Rocky Point every chance she gets.


JESSICA: Would you hand me that suntan lotion, Cap’n Greg?


CAP’N GREG: My pleasure, Jessica. A young lady has to protect her skin.




CAP’N GREG: Well … you look young to me.


JESSICA: Anyone under 60 looks young to you, Cap’n Greg.


CAP’N GREG: You’ve got a point there, Jessica. Let me see your 2014 list of New Year’s resolutions. Hmmm.


JESSICA: What’s wrong?


CAP’N GREG: It says here you want more burritos and walks on the beach.

Didn’t I see this same list last year?


JESSICA: Who said resolutions had to change?


CAP’N GREG: I guess if they’re good ones, it’s okay. But isn’t that a bit monotonous?


JESSICA: Monotonous is blowing snow and sleet. I prefer sunshine, sandy toes and slushy margaritas.


CAP’N GREG: Here’s one that says you want to learn a foreign language. How’s that going?


JESSICA: Muy bien, gracias.


CAP’N GREG: And what’s this about seeing the grandkids more often?


JESSICA: Got a place rented in Las Conchas, and they’re flying in next week.


CAP’N GREG: Wow! That’s excellent.


JESSICA: Let me see your list. Hmmm.




JESSICA: It’s a blank sheet of paper.


CAP’N GREG: I can’t think of anything I want to improve.


JESSICA: I believe you’ve got it figured out, Cap’n Greg.


CAP’N GREG: Same back atcha, young lady.