No doubt about it, there is some serious weather going on in this world. Maybe the super storms have always been here and are only now being recorded by new instruments and reported by new media. Maybe there are global changes underway caused by greenhouse gasses or those equally dangerous gasses brought on by four Sonoran hot dogs and half a dozen Tecates. Whatever the reason, Cap’n Greg gets more than his share of weather questions. Like these from Art Walford of Phoenix.


ART: Does it get hot in Rocky Point?


CAP’N GREG: You put an ice cube on the sidewalk in July and it will last about as long as a Kim Kardashian marriage.


ART: So you’re saying it’s as hot as Phoenix?


CAP’N GREG: Nothing is as hot as Phoenix. Except maybe the inside of LeBron James’s shoes in the middle of a playoff game in the fourth quarter.


ART: When it’s summer in Phoenix, I stay inside.


CAP’N GREG: There’s some of that going on in Rocky Point, but lots of folks welcome summer. It’s a time to cool off in the ocean, or sit under a palapa on the beach. My favorite thing is to relax in a seaside restaurant enjoying a cool breeze and an icy drink. Maybe gobbling a couple dozen pepino slices dipped in a chilled guacamole sauce or with chile and lime.


ART: Pepino? What’s that?


CAP’N GREG: Cucumbers. Mighty tasty and refreshing on a hot summer day.


ART: Anything else I need to know?


CAP’N GREG: Hotel rooms are air conditioned, as are many bars and restaurants. Forget lugging a cooler around, because at almost any beer store, the clerk will put your six-pack in a heavy plastic bag, then load it with crushed ice. And the ice is free.


ART: Thanks for the info, Cap’n Greg.


CAP’N GREG: No sweat, Art. Well, maybe just a little. But once you get acclimated to the culture and the cuisine, Rocky Point is a very cool place to be in the summer.