Cap’n Greg is much like the all-powerful, all-knowing Wizard of Oz. If he doesn’t have an answer to your questions, he just makes stuff up. The most common question I get is, “Where is a good place to eat?” The most common answer is “That depends,” since I have no idea what sort of food you like or how much you want to spend, or if you want an ocean view or fancy mixed drinks or a place where the music is so loud it wilts the lettuce in your seafood salad.

NOTE: In all the years I have enjoyed Rocky Point, I have become ill only once from the food, and that particular meal was a scallop ceviche dish prepared by my brother.

My all-time favorite restaurant in Rocky Point is nothing fancy. It has been around for about 12 years, and like many family-based enterprises in Mexico, I expect it will continue its successful ways. When you get to the fish market on the way to the Malecon, take the first street on the left and you’ll see the brightly painted Viva Mexico. Husband and wife, Eliseo Salinas and Maria Ramirez run the place, and their children, Hector Ignacio, Sandy Marivel, Eliseo Rodrigo and baby, Sara Hilda, are typically nearby, if not underfoot.

While you can get quesadillas and tacos of all kinds, al pastor (country style) tacos are my top pick. They load up a tortilla with diced pork that has been marinated then grilled on a stand-up rotisserie. Then piña, which is pineapple, is added. At your table you can pile on your choice of salsas, purple pickled onions, and snack on the sliced cukes and radishes. Wash it down with cold soft drinks or cerveza. Yum! For my wife and me, a visit to Rocky Point is not complete without a visit to Viva Mexico.