Number 189 in a Series

Once upon a time… Okay, you’ve heard it all before. The sleepy little fishing village that was once Puerto Peñasco is fast becoming the next Cancun. Is anyone surprised? Not really. It just took longer than some people anticipated. But unlike Cancun, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, Peñasco is reached by a relatively quick drive to the border, then only an hour into Mexico. But if you’ve been here, you know that. If you haven’t been here, what are you waiting for? Say what? You still have questions? For the umpteenth time, here goes.

Q. Do I need a passport? How about a visa?

A. Yes, you need a passport. Quit messing around with birth certificates and your fitness club ID and get a passport. I mean it. And don’t ask me again. Although Rocky Point is in a “free zone” you still need a tourist visa (FMM) by law. If your stay is under 7 days, there is no charge. You can get it online before your visit or at the border. Easy peasy.

Q. Do I need special vehicle insurance?

A. Yes. Your U.S. policy does not work in Mexico. There are many places (and online) where you can buy insurance for a year, or only for the time you spend in the country. You will need your vehicle registration to do the paperwork. If you are towing a boat or ATV or travel trailer, you can get coverage for those, too. This is not only for your protection. It is the law.

Q. Why do the Mexican customs people want to see my vehicle registration?

A. It’s mainly to stop stolen vehicles from crossing the border. That’s why you need to show ownership of anything you are driving or towing. The registration has to match your driver’s license or passport information. They won’t ask every time, but when they do, you need to be prepared. Without proper documents, you may be denied entry.

Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

A. Sure, but some items and quantities are restricted. Check online for what is and isn’t allowed. That said, there are well stocked supermarkets here, and too many restaurants and street food vendors to count. My advice? Eliminate the hassle. Get it in Peñasco.

Q. Will my phone work in Mexico?

A. Some do, some don’t. Ask your provider.

Q. Do they have nude beaches?

A. No. Why? Are you a nudist? Or a potential spectator?

Q. I … um … may I withdraw that question?

A. Please do.