Marlene Murray of Glendale is planning a winter getaway, and called for advice. She is comparing the merits of flying to Puerto Vallarta or driving to Rocky Point.

MARLENE: Which would you do, Cap’n Greg?

CAP’N GREG: If I was a little better off financially, I’d do both.

MARLENE: Not a good answer.

CAP’N GREG: Okay, what do you want to do on vacation?

MARLENE: Relax, get some sun, wiggle my toes in the sand, splash in the surf, eat well and have enough margaritas to forget about my job, politics and the jerk boyfriend I just dumped.

CAP’N GREG: Wowza. You really do need to get away. 

MARLENE: You have no idea. So, which one?

CAP’N GREG: Vallarta is really a special place. Great beaches, nightlife, restaurants, lots of stuff to do. If you can get a flight/hotel package, it can be quite affordable. 

MARLENE: But isn’t it crowded?

CAP’N GREG: Can be. But any destination worth visiting will be busy when the temps drop and the snow flies.

MARLENE: I hear Rocky Point has a lot to offer, but it’s so close I’d hate to run into someone I know.

CAP’N GREG: It’s a small world, Marlene. I can’t guarantee you won’t bump into an old acquaintance. But you’ll find sun, sand, margaritas and ridiculously good food, and you’ll avoid the airport experience. Also a big plus, the number of folks trying to sell you condo timeshares is much smaller than Vallarta.

MARLENE: If I choose Rocky Point, will you show me around, Cap’n Greg?

CAP’N GREG: Be glad to, Marlene. But I have to warn you that I am a happily married man.

MARLENE: So was my ex-boyfriend.

CAP’N GREG: Um. Well, then. Have a great time on your vacation, Marlene.  

MARLENE: Thanks so much for the help. Can I call you when I get to Rocky Point? Maybe get together, see what develops? I could use a strong shoulder to cry on. And I can be quite appreciative. Hello? Are you there? Cap’n Greg? Hello?