John Warner asked Cap’n Greg a question that so many others have asked before. It is an important issue, so I will gladly answer it again.

JOHN: I live in Phoenix. How many miles is it to Rocky Point?

CAP’N GREG: Depending on where you live in the city? About 225. Same as from Tucson.

JOHN: How long does that take?

CAP’N GREG: A non-stop drive to the border is right at three hours, then it’s another hour from the border to Peñasco.

JOHN: A friend said he made it there in three hours.

CAP’N GREG: Your friend is possibly abusing controlled substances.

JOHN: Why do you say that?

CAP’N GREG: I have made the drive more times than I can count. When I was much younger and much more foolish, in perfect weather with super light traffic, no stops anywhere, no cops anywhere, no cows or donkeys on the road, no caravans of RVs to pass, no backup at the border, a green light at Mexican customs, and averaging near 100 mph on the open highway, I made it in three and a half hours. I did that stupid high-speed madness only once, miraculously survived, and I’ll never try it again.

JOHN: But even some of the hotels advertise it at three hours.

CAP’N GREG: That’s called marketing, John. Three sounds a lot better than four, doesn’t it?

JOHN: Sure does.

CAP’N GREG: The important thing is to get here and home safely. I know from decades of experience that the beer is just as cold, the beaches are just as inviting, and the food is just as wonderful even if the drive takes a few minutes longer. And, frankly, a more leisurely trip gets you better prepared for the laid-back seaside attitude. Also, to make the best use of that four hours, if you don’t already speak the language, get some Spanish lessons on CD to pass the time.

JOHN: Great idea.

CAP’N GREG: One more thing, John?

JOHN: Yeah?

CAP’N GREG: You haven’t asked about the drive home.

JOHN: Same four hours, right?

CAP’N GREG: Possible, but not probable. Cap’n Greg will address the return trip next month.