“I Get by With a Little Help from My Friends”

If you are old enough to remember this snappy Beatles tune from 1967, or possibly Joe Cocker’s 2008 remake, then you know the gist of this song. Life can be complicated, but ever so much better if we have the support of special friends. If you are currently wondering who the Beatles or Joe Cocker might be, that is OK, keep reading anyway.

When Barb started rescuing dogs some 20+ years ago, the grounds looked nothing like they do today. Over the years, with the help of some very special people, the rescue has grown into an iconic representation of a miracle crafted from commitment and love. Visiting the Rescue will cause you to ask the question, “How could one woman possibly have done all this?” The answer of course, is that Barb has always had “a little help from her friends.”

Your Help is Needed Now

As the number of dogs under Barb’s care continues to grow, consistently hovering around 450 residents, the need soars for additional donations of high-quality canned dog food. This food is used for puppies, nursing mothers, and those suffering from malnutrition or other diseases. This food is not available in Puerto Peñasco. If you are traveling to Puerto Peñasco and wonder how you can help, please consider donating some of the foods shown below. Mexican law states a maximum of 50 pounds per vehicle of poultry or seafood-based dog food can be brought into the country. It can contain NO meat, meat by products, or bone meal from an animal with hooves. Every donation makes a difference. Every new friend of the Rescue is appreciated.

Planning your Peñasco beach vacation? Check out Barb’s Pawsome Getaways Program.  This gives you the opportunity to take a shelter dog on vacation with you. Just imagine the joy shown by one of our residents as he/she discovers the unbridled joy of an ocean romp with a special new friend. To learn more, go to https://www.barbsdogrescue.org/pawsomegetawaysor visit the Rescue any day between 10 am and 2 pm.

The List of Friends Grows

Each year hundreds and hundreds of dogs are adopted here at the Rescue in Puerto Peñasco. Others have found their new homes through Barb’s partnership with Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix and Saving Orphan Souls Rescue in Glendale. Monthly we transfer eligible residents to these organizations to meet the high demand for pets who do not come from Puppy Mills or Pet Stores.

Other great friends of the Rescue are the owners and groomers from Pets Salon here in Peñasco. They regularly donate their services to help our dogs look their best. If you are in need of top-quality grooming for your dog while in town, call them at 638-383-6806 and tell them Barb sent you.

Making a donation or bringing dog food and other needed supplies (detergent, Clorox wipes, Pine Sol liquid, Glad tall garbage sacks, puppy training pads and/or Bounty paper towels) is another way to add your name to the list of Barb’s friends. We also must thank the WhyNot Travel Store in Why, Arizona for allowing people to leave donations at their location. If you are passing through and have some extra room, stop and pick up some of these supplies and transport them to Barb’s on your way into town. You will surely make some new friends in the process!

Please visit us online at http://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescueor our website:  www.BarbsDogRescue.orgor Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659    or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578Email: barbsdogrescue@gmail.com