The Story of the Twilight Bark

When I was a youngster, every kid had their favorite movie. Nine times out of 10 that movie was made by Walt Disney. The little girls in my neighborhood would gather outside every summer day and decide which story would be reenacted. Most of the girls loved the idea of the damsel in distress and her Prince Charming, so Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty quickly became top choices. I played along, mainly because any day I had the excuse to raid my mother’s closet for wardrobe was a win. But, none of these were my favorite Disney movie, so for most of the summer I continued to suggest my choice and almost always was voted down.

My favorite movie was “101 Dalmatians.” It included a solid plot line, multiple heroes and one of the scariest villains ever. Pongo and Perdy convince their respective owners to fall in love and marry. Nature takes its course, and the two Dalmatians bring a delightful litter of 15 puppies into the household. Enter trouble-stage right! Along comes Cruella DeVil, who dreams of adding to her all black and white wardrobe by buying or kidnapping enough Dalmatian puppies to make a coat. She manages to steal the 15 and every other Dalmatian puppy in town, ending up with 101. This sinister plot cannot immediately go forward, however, because Dalmatian puppies are born without their spots. In the meantime, the neighborhood dogs initiate their version of an “Amber Alert” and the message of the lost puppies’ spreads through the countryside by way of their “twilight bark”. All is well in the end, as Cruella is defeated, and all the puppies are rescued and happily reunited with their family. Who can resist a story like that?

How Does this Relate to Barb’s Dog Rescue?

You are probably asking yourself how does any of this have anything to do with Barb’s Dog Rescue? Caring for 101 puppies may sound like an impossible task, yet Barb often finds herself in this exact position. Mother dogs and their babies are in desperate need of the special care, feeding, and medical attention Barb’s provides. Sadly, they arrive desperately needing our help all too often. July is a tough month at the Rescue. Water and electricity bills soar, and the food supply dwindles quickly. This reminds us why Barb continues to need your help. You, the community of supporters of Barb’s Dog Rescue, are our version of the “Twilight Bark”. We depend on you to spread the word. For the last 20+ years Barb has depended on donations to further her mission of making homelessness among our dog population a thing of the past. We invite you to visit the Rescue any day between 10 am and 2 pm to witness this miracle first hand.

Turns out my choice was a good one after all. “101 Dalmatians”, released in 1961, holds the number 12 spot on the all-time highest box office list with an adjusted gross of over $883 million. Guess I’m not the only one unable to resist a tale about puppies!

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