A Month for Gratitude

As the calendar turns to the month of November, we are once again reminded of the importance of gratitude.A good working definition of gratitude reveals it to be a two-pronged effort. It requires thankfulness and a show of appreciation. It is a concept that transcends all borders, languages and religions. Psychologists encourage it, and say it influences our happiness and goal-directed behavior in a positive way. Especially this month, we have many reasons to show gratitude.

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The Front-Line Workers

First and foremost, I must show appreciation and gratitude to all who work at Barb’s Dog Rescue. Sure, it’s a job, but to do this job well it requires an amazing amount of strength, care and compassion. Seven days a week, from early morning to late afternoon, in blazing heat, rain, or colder weather, they persevere with dedication. Some days bring incredible joy. Working with dogs who have known little human kindness in their life never fails to touch your heart in a positive way. Conversely, there are days of heart break. When you care for animals in such a personal, one-on-one way, doing everything possible to restore them to health, the toll of losing them can be immense. And still they go on. The staff at Barb’s is simply incredible. If you visit the Rescue or communicate via social media, please join me in providing the gratitude they so richly deserve.

Benefactors and Board of Directors

These people share Barb’s dream of eliminating homelessness among the dog population in this area of Mexico. Sometimes board members provide valuable advice to their organizations, and that is certainly true of these people. However, their dedication and commitment has gone far beyond the ordinary. Some have financed additions to the Rescue. Others sponsor matching fundraising opportunities in times of great need. Then, there are those who show up on a regular basis to share their talents or to do the daily tasks that must be done. Lest you think this is a temporary, come and go kind of commitment, let me assure you most have been deeply involved in the work Barb’s does for many years. Barb was so grateful to these individuals, and today I share that gratitude and thank them for their generosity of love, time, and money.

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Pets Salon

Marcela Bravo and her incredible staff at Pets Salon have taken on the selfless task of offering expert grooming to many of our dogs. We all know life on the streets can be difficult for our dogs. No matter the difficulty involved, each one leaves after their special spa day bathed, trimmed, and ready to find their forever home. We offer sincere gratitude and appreciation to Marcela and staff for making our dogs ready to be adopted.

Other Local Businesses

There are so many local people and groups that have offered help to Barb over the years. We cannot thank you enough. The Why Not Store in Why, AZ, Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix, and Compassion Without Borders have been supporters for a long time. Each has played an indispensable role in being sure our dogs are fed and ultimately adopted. Clínica La Esperanza and Dr. Leon at Servicios Médicos have provided much needed medical care. We offer gratitude to Wrecked on the Reef for their ongoing support through the years. Lastly, thank you to Manny’s Beach Club for hosting last month’s Celebration of Life for Barb. Any success we have must be shared with each of you.

And YOU…

If you have read this far, there is no doubt you too have a soft spot in your heart for the work done by Barb’s Dog Rescue. Your help through the years has been important, and we share so much gratitude and thanks for your generosity. Without you, Barb’s could not continue this vital work.

Please visit us online at http://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescueWebsite:  www.barbsdogrescue.orgEmail: barbsdogrescue@gmail.comPhone: (928) 899-1426 or (602) 686-8751Mailing Address: PO Box 215, Lukeville, AZ 85341