I recently had a health issue that required special medication. The doc said its chemistry made it react in a very bad way to alcohol, so for two weeks I could not partake of adult beverages. (Oh, the inhumanity!) While it wasn’t much of a hardship, and I was pleased the meds worked, it made me wonder about those who don’t use alcohol who visit Rocky Point. Herb Larsen, of Tempe, asked: Since so many beachside resort activities revolve around alcohol consumption, what can non-drinkers like me do instead?

CAP’N GREG: Great question, Herb. I have to agree that a lot of folks who come here are in 24/7 spring break mode, although they haven’t been in college for 10 to 20 years. First, let me say that changing behavior is not my objective. Live and let live is my motto. Also, while I have eaten at and enjoyed all the places and things I mention, as my waistline would reflect, this is not a blanket endorsement, since I have no idea what your tastes are. That said, there are plenty of opportunities for you.
HERB: I’m all ears. Or eyes, as the case may be.
CAP’N GREG: Dozens of restaurants are, for a lack of a better phrase, family friendly. Although they do serve alcohol, they are not as rowdy as the party bars can get. Asadero Viva Mexico, Mary’s and Flavio’s in the fish market area are relatively low key, as are La Curva, The Friendly Dolphin and Kaffeehaus. They are long-time family group favorites. Also, the more pricey spots, many of which have fabulous food and ambiance, tend to cater to customers with gourmet tastes more than to those who prefer to spend their money on slurping tequila shots out of belly buttons.
HERB: Sounds great. What else?
CAP’N GREG: The beach is prime territory. Sea and sand can’t be beat. Coordinate your stay with super low tide and go sand dollar hunting in Cholla Bay. Hit the CEDO and the Sea Shell Museum. Chon’s Hot Dogs on Constitution. Go shopping for stuff you don’t need but can’t do without at Rocky Imports and Numeros. Do the Shrimp Plaza events. Go people watching on the Malecon and get drinks and snacks from street vendors. Jet ski. Four-wheel. Fish. Sunset cruise. And so much more.
HERB: All that would take me 20 trips!
CAP’N GREG: Yes, it would. And you will have a wonderful time doing it. Without alcohol.
HERB: Thanks, Cap’n Greg. I wish you good health.
CAP’N GREG: I’ll drink to that, Herb. Or maybe not.