Ask anyone who lives here or visits regularly, and they’ll tell you that Rocky Point weather is just about perfect. Many months have 24/7 bathing suit temperatures, while jeans and jackets can come into play during the short, mild winters.

Whenever Mike and Jennifer Langston of Winslow, AZ get a chance, they head for the beach. Mike says just about any beach will do, but they especially like the ones where they can find treasures in the sand.
MIKE: Maybe “treasures” isn’t the right word.
JENNIFER: Flotsam and jetsam?
MIKE: That’s probably closer to the truth. We have discovered some interesting stuff up and down the U.S. West Coast, Australia, a few South Sea islands.
CAP’N GREG: Sounds like you two are hardcore beachcombers.
JENNIFER: We are, but it’s a long way to Tahiti. Though we’ve never been to Rocky Point, I understand we could easily do it in a weekend. There are plenty of beaches, right?
CAP’N GREG: Miles and miles.
MIKE: Compared to the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez is a tiny scrap of water. What would we expect to find on the beaches there?
CAP’N GREG: Closer in town, like the stretch of Sandy Beach by the high-rise hotels and condos, it’s good for metal detecting. Jewelry, coins, like that. On beaches out of town there will be assorted seashells, bird, seal and sea lion carcasses. The rest is from commercial, charter and personal fishing boats. There aren’t a lot of shipwrecks, but boats do lose tackle, nets and floats. Yet, unlike a lot of places you’ve been, you won’t see much driftwood, because cacti does better than trees in the Sonoran Desert.

MIKE: Good info. So, when is the best time to be there?

CAP’N GREG: For metal detecting? After spring break and Semana Santa. For beach debris? I’d watch the weather. The remnants of hurricanes or tropical storms occasionally cross Baja. A combination of wind, tide and time bring those things ashore, so after a storm is best. And I suggest less visited areas. Take the coast highway south of Rocky Point and do a day trip to Santo Tomas or El Desemboque.

JENNIFER: Thanks, Cap’n Greg. Can’t wait to give it a try.                           
CAP’N GREG: You’re more than welcome, Jennifer. Good hunting to both of you.