Number 151 in a Series

Cap’n Greg misses Rocky Point

He misses his friends and shopkeepers and restaurant owners and bartenders. He misses the waves—whether ripples or breakers – that have been caressing and pounding the beaches there for millennia. He misses the pelicans and gulls and sea eagles that entertain with their very existence. He misses the whales and dolphins. He misses the food.
The pandemic has illustrated very clearly how fragile life can be. We have seen how the stealthy virus can devastate the poor and already sick among us, as well as those who are better off but may not take personal responsibility seriously. The good news is many Peñasco church and civic groups have selflessly offered aid to those less fortunate, and those who have become unemployed through no fault of their own.
Eventually, things will return to a new normal. Waiters and cooks will be more aware of health protocols. Customers will gladly follow distancing guidelines, where necessary, and wear masks in high threat areas like nursing homes, hospitals, and medical offices. First responders and overburdened medical staff will continue to protect us, as they take extra care to protect themselves.
Before a vaccine is developed to kill this monster, if your barber or beautician requests that you wear a mask, do it. If your favorite restaurant asks that you distance yourself from other diners, do it. If a grocery or clothing or hardware store asks that you wear a mask to protect at risk customers or staff, do it. This is not the time for a political statement. It is the time to treat each other as you yourself would like to be treated: with respect and empathy.
Cap’n Greg misses Rocky Point. But he is being both patient and optimistic that the wait will be well worth it, and we will all be stronger for the lessons the pandemic is teaching us.
Hasta pronto y buena salud. (See you soon, and good health.)