I was going do another Q and A this month, until some guy with the IQ of a tomatillo posted this question on Facebook: “I am coming down for the first time with my family this weekend. What is there to do in Rocky Point?” It was obviously an amateur attempt at clickbait, but it got me thinking about what there really IS to do here.

There’s an old joke about a farmer who has two windmills side by side on his farm. He’s climbed up one to do some maintenance, and a guy driving by stops and says, “Hey, what are you doing up there?” The farmer sees the New York City license plate, says, “I gotta take this windmill down.” The city guy says, “How come?” The farmer says, “Because there’s not enough wind for two.”

That impossibly lame anecdote is my segue into things to do in Rocky Point. Figuratively speaking, there is plenty of wind for two windmills here, and many, many more.

With this stunning beach getaway so conveniently positioned an hour south of the border, tourism is the primary economic driver. Over the years, we old-timers have seen the number of entertainment choices fluctuate wildly. But now, with hundreds more places to stay, and scores more quality sup and sip venues to choose from, there’s plenty of everything for everyone.

Examples? While splashing and sunning are the top draws, you can also fill your days with banana boats, jet skis, paddle boards, ATVs, shopping and even a horse ride if you are into that. The more adventurous souls can go scuba diving, whale watching (in season), charter a panga for close-in reef fishing, or hire a bigger boat to go far and deep. And after a sunset cruise? Food. Drinks. Live music.

Whew! I could go on and on with the long and growing list of things to do in Peñasco, but at this advanced age I ran out of wind.