Cap’n Greg hardly ever gives bad advice, but on those rare occasions when he does, it’s because he has been out in the sun too long, or it’s someone else’s fault.

For example, last month on these colorful and informative pages, I advised a visitor to avoid long lines going home by getting up early and arriving at the border when it opens at 6 AM. She said she planned to do just that. But then her boyfriend bailed and stuck her with the tab at The Reef the night before, and he ended up at Mamacita’s dancing with a table. Or that’s how she understood his excuse for getting back to the condo just in time for her to drive and arrive at the border just after 6 AM. But by then she was a couple miles from the border, and she still had a two hour wait, and a four-hour drive home while her boyfriend slept all the way. She tried to blame Cap’n Greg, but I explained it was not me who lured the kid to Mamacita’s, so perhaps she should have a word with him. Or two.

Here’s the deal. After being cooped up for over a year with the pandemic, it’s understandable that more and more people are going to get out and enjoy themselves again. And with a prime destination like Puerto Peñasco only four or five hours away, it’s also understandable it will be as popular as Cancun on some weekends. If you can arrive and leave mid-week, that’s best. But if you positively, absolutely have to be here on weekends, get yourself a boyfriend who doesn’t dance with tables.