Rodeo Drive will give you a breath of fresh air along with shopping fun. When it comes to things to do in Rocky Point, the Drive should make it near the top of the list. The selection there can be eclectic – so you will find something for everyone. Distinctive and original as well as traditionally Mexican objects ranging from the upscale, funky to the cute, bargain priced. The vendors are courteous, they are friendly and don’t chase you down the street. Best of all you’ll find some novel, imaginative items made right here in Rocky Point.

Getting to greet and talk with artisans and craftsmen is another part of the unique experience on the Drive. Let me introduce you to Raffa, a young man born and raised in Peñasco with a fantastic artistic talent. He has had a lifelong love and appreciation of art, but only started creating on his own about 8 years ago, fulfilling his passion with a deftness that is altogether amazing.

Loving to ‘people watch’, Raffa found himself intrigued with how people showed their character through facial expressions – beyond just their smile or frown. That became a starting place. His paintings make you look right into a person’s soul. Come and see some samples of his work at Su Casa on Rodeo Drive. He also creates sea creatures, mermaids as well as faces on display. His goal for the future is to create murals and travel with his art.

While not painting Raffa can be found at the gym he owns about 6 to 8 blocks down from Su Casa. He applies his philosophy to both his art and his work with clients in his gym: “If you have a goal just keep at it and never give up. Never lose sight of your dream”, is the philosophy he lives by.

While you’re visiting the Drive, stop by Su Casa and see some of the wonderful things Raffa and some of the other talented young artists have done. You might just find that perfect addition for the wall in your living room.

See you on the Drive.