“Help Us Help Them”

Thanks to kind and concerned dog lovers, the chain link fence is completed in Phase 1. With your help we expect to complete the 3 remaining phases by the end of year. The newly fenced area has improved the security and increased the efficiency of caring for the rescue dogs. We were lucky to get it done because of the exposure we have gotten from Rocky Point Times. Facebook has brought us both donors and dogs too! Our rescue population is now over 50 dogs.
Susie, the mom dumped on the Sonoita highway, has increased our population with the successful delivery of 12 pups. Thankfully Susie is able to care for all of her new brood except the smallest, so we have one to bottle feed for awhile. Susie is doing well and gaining weight. We are feeding Susie the best puppy chow we can get. Stop by and see all the cute puppies. Maybe you will adopt one. We are happy to report that Mandy has been adopted by a wonderful lady in Tucson, Brigett Brugger. Mandy went from a homeless half dead puppy to living the good life. Thanks to good food and excellent vet care by our vet, Chochoy.

The water situation has become critical at the rescue. Many days there is no water supply, and 50 dogs consume a lot of water, especially in the heat, so getting an adequate water supply is top priority right now. The supply line from the city main on the Sonoita Highway to us is inadequate, and needs to be replaced completely. We have a quote at $800 for material and labor. We also need to install more and larger holding tanks and a pressure pump: $600 is needed for the pump and tanks.

We want to thank the kind and generous person who made a donation to replace one of the 6 broken windows in the main facility. It was over 2 years ago that a vandal broke out all the windows of the shelter. We have covered the openings with plywood. We have a promise of an AC unit and with the newly installed electrical wiring and windows Barb can have AC for the dogs to escape the heat. We need 5 more windows.

Tick season in back in full force again. We maintain an active tick eradication program using every remedy possible, flea collars, powders, and dips for the dogs and area insecticide sprays for the runs. If you can help protect these poor dogs bring by one of the items above, it will be greatly appreciated.

Prospective adoption families have started to contact us and we hope to place more dogs in good homes. These dogs are the most loyal and intelligent dogs you will find. They have to be, to survive living in the streets. We urge you to stop by and visit Barb and the dogs. Maybe you will consider one of our rescues for your next pet, or become one of the growing number of helpers who will take a dog to the US to find an adoptive home. We have no shortage of needy dog, so the selection is good!

Again we thank all the kind and generous people who have been donating food and supplies. Feeding the 50 dogs at the rescue takes about 200 pounds of food each week. We need puppy chow no, as Susie’s 12 babies will be weaning soon. While we don’t want to turn down any donor, we ask that you please buy one of the better foods. Our dogs will NOT EAT Pro Cam or Cam Pro dog food, so it must be pretty bad.

If you are a kindhearted person who believes, as we do, that these homeless, abused and unwanted dogs deserve better, please help them. We are in constant need of the basics, food, vitamins, collars, leashes, veterinary medicines, paper towels, bleach, buckets, outside beds and of course money. You can be assured that every donation will be gratefully appreciated and will be used for the direct care of these needy dogs.

We welcome visitors, so please stop by Barb’s Dog Rescue, say hello to the dogs and see the progress of our new facility. We are open to visitors every day from 9AM to 7PM. As you enter Peñasco from Sonoita, about 8 miles out of town, you can see two signs, one on each side of the highway marking the road to the rescue: DOG RESCUE, Need Food and Barb’s Dog Rescue.

You can also drop off your donation at Twin Dolphins Real Estate office on Fremont, next to the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Please call with questions or if you want to arrange a visit. Call Barb at (044-638) 114-1659 or Dee at (044-638) 384-0113. When calling from the states, you can call Twin Dolphins office at (602) 324-7241. e-mail BarbsDogRescue@AOL.COM, and visit us on Facebook.