Our facility development is moving ahead! Most of the 8 ft. chain link fencing has been installed. The poles are being set in concrete and the wire mesh buried in the ground. Dogs love to dig! The dogs are enjoying running and playing in their new yard and we are enjoying knowing that they are now more secure. They follow Barb everywhere in a pack so she can’t leave them!!
We had to install a new electrical service directly from the CFE pole.  Fortunately it was close to the facility so we ran it underground to minimize maintenance and maximize safety. The circuit breaker box in the facility needed lots of work as well. Now we can run fans to help keep the dogs cool as the heat increases. The electrical work cost about $900usd, and we are hoping for some donations to cover that cost and to complete the work.
Next major project will be to improve the water system. We need a larger tank to insure a consistent supply and hope to run more distribution lines and install a pressure pump. The water supply has been a little shaky lately so we are concerned about the hot months coming up. With a good supply and a pressure tank we can run some sprinklers to cool the dogs on the hot days to come. They love to play in the water! Are you able to help us with our water project with maybe a donated pump or tank or some PVC piping?
We will soon have a new litter of puppies! Apparently abandoned, along the highway to Sonoyta, we found a lovely lady full of puppies. She was crying on the edge of the highway and disoriented so she was probably dumped there.  She is pretty malnourished and probably would not have survived the delivery. She certainly could not have cared for the puppies. Hopefully she will gain enough strength before the puppies come and she starts nursing. She started a good recovery already and plays like a puppy herself! Maybe you can help her with a donation so we can keep her on premium food.
Many local people know Maggie from Las Conchas and all the wonderful work she has done for the local dogs over many years.  For family reasons she has recently had to relocate to Arizona and leave 4 feral dogs she has been caring for behind. Those 4 lovelies are now at Barb’s Dog Rescue and living the good life in the newly fenced area. They turned out to be real sweethearts, every one, and they have fit in with the rest of the family here well. We were delighted we could help out a kindred spirit dog lover and activist.  Hopefully some kind people who recall all the kindnesses Maggie did for Peñasco will make donations to support their care.
Little Skippy is a part Basset Hound with the saddest eyes ever. She got her name because she hobbles along on two malformed rear legs. It appears that she may have been run over by a car when she was a puppy, but we believe that with proper vet care we can help her to walk better. We are hoping a kind person will come and help us fund her care. We need x -rays to start, and maybe surgery if the vets says there is a chance to help her.  We challenge anyone to come and look into Skippy’s sad eyes and not feel she deserves a chance. Maybe you can help her.
If you are a person who believes, as we do, that these homeless and unwanted dogs deserve better, please help them. We are in constant need of the basics, food, vitamins, collars, leashes, veterinary medicines and of course money. You can be assured that every donation will be used for these dogs.
Please stop by and visit Barb’s Dog Rescue, say hello to the dogs and see the progress of our new facility. We are open to visitors almost every day from 9AM to 7PM, but it’s best to call ahead if you can. As you enter Peñasco from Sonoyta, about 8 miles out of town, you can see two signs, one on each side of the highway, marking the road to the rescue:  DOG RESCUE, Need Food and Barb’s Dog Rescue.

You can also drop off your donation at Twin Dolphins Real Estate office on Fremont, next to the Cruz Roja. Please call with questions or if you want to arrange a visit. E-mail BarbsDogRescue@aol.com and visit us on Facebook. Call Barb’s local cell at (044-638) 114-1659 or Dee at (044-638) 384-0113. When calling from the states, you can call Twin Dolphins office at (602) 324-7241.