Have you heard the exciting news this holiday season? Barb’s Dog Rescue is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which means that your donations to help save Rocky Point dogs are completely tax deductible contributions. This year Barb rescued and adopted out over 530 dogs so far which is 5 times the amount of dogs that were adopted out in 2014. This is not even including the hundreds of other dogs that have been saved and are either still at the rescue or are at foster homes both in Mexico and in partner organizations in Arizona and Canada! With so many dogs and puppies needing help in our city, this rescue group has made a huge impact and each year we are able to save more and more thanks to your support.

If monetary donations are not possible at this time, we can always use dog food – wet or dry as it takes a whole lot of food to take care of our hundred plus resident rescues! Barb’s Dog Rescue can also use plastic play pools for water, dog’s treats, dog beds, crates and toys as these are a hot commodity and used daily at the rescue. We have recently rescued dogs from Cholla Bay, a puppy from El Golfo, dogs from Caborca and Sonoyta and others from surrounding areas as well as the hundreds that are in need in Rocky Point itself. As Barb’s Dog Rescue grows in size, we also get in more dogs and puppies from all over the region and this makes your help all that more crucial.
There have been a whole lot of inspirational stories this past year that have saved dogs and puppies and changed the lives of animals and people. There was Sonia, the sweet 1 year old poodle that was blind in one eye and who now is the therapy dog for an assisted living home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A litter of puppies that were found without their mother and would have died without Barb and her team bottle feeding them daily, not only survived but now all have wonderful families of their own. The list goes on and on. Please be sure to come by Barb’s Dog Rescue if you are interested in adopting a dog or puppy – they all have amazing stories of survival and rescue and would be a wonderful and grateful addition for any family.

We would not be able to help any of these dogs without your support and all donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can either be dropped off at the rescue, mailed to P.O. Box 116, Lukeville 85341 or sent online at www.barbsdogrescuerp.com. We can also coordinate donations to be transported from Phoenix to Rocky Point. Please visit us on our Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page as well for updates, pictures and news.