With Halloween coming up this month and the holidays right around the corner, there is nothing better than sharing this time with one of our great rescue pups. The costumes they now have available for every size dog will make your head spin, everything from ghosts and goblins to princesses and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles! This year we have been able to save and adopt out more dogs than ever before (well over 300 dogs adopted!) and we hope you will join these numbers and rescue a Mexico pup today.

Adopting is just one way to help the hundreds of dogs and puppies that went from starving and homeless to safe, fed and loved at Barb’s. Volunteer to help from the comforCorgit of your own home by spreading the word about our rescue efforts to your family and friends. Come by the rescue to spend time socializing the puppies or scared adult dogs. Start a dog food donation drive in your community – we would be happy to help coordinate transportation of anything collected. Please contact us at barbsdogrescue@gmail.com for information on ways we can be of assistance with your efforts!
With the new expanded facility at Barb’s Dog Rescue as a result of the construction this summer, we thankfully have been able to take in and save so many more animals. As a result, the need for dog food has increased exponentially and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Easily located right past the new road bridge on the way out of Rocky Point, follow the yellow signs to Barb’s Dog Rescue for a visit, dog food drop-off or just to meet a lot of wonderful pups.
A happy ending story of a Mexico dog recently was our sweet 1 year old poodle Bella. She came to us covered with ticks and fleas and extremely thin. After extensive vet care, vaccinations and a spay procedure, she went up to Phoenix with one of our Arizona rescue partners. With the love and attention she received along the way, Bella came out of her shyness and fear to be adopted by a nurse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She now goes every day with her owner to work at the local nursing home and is showered with hugs and kisses by the 45 residents who eagerly anticipate her daily visit. She is just of the miracle stories made possible by Barb’s Dog Rescue and through your adoptions and support.
BellaBella is alive and well and now, in turn helping elderly people as a result of people like you. We would not be able to help all of these dogs and puppies without your support and all donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can either be dropped off at the rescue, mailed to P.O. Box 116 Lukeville 85341 or at www.barbsdogrescuerp.com. We can also coordinate donations to be transported from Phoenix to Rocky Point. Please visit us on our Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page as well for updates, pictures and news.