BarbRescue-02It is HOT here in Rocky Point, as we know it is in Phoenix and Tucson as well! Hopefully this is our last month before fall hits our lovely beach-town. Until then, our dogs and puppies are spending a great deal of their time in the plastic pools, and the dog houses, and under the trees that an amazing donor provided for us. Summer is our toughest time for many reasons (not only just keeping the dogs cool!) as not as many people come down for a weekend trip which means not as many visitors or donations.

We are still very low on puppy food and having to buy 12-15 bags a week to keep up with feeding everyone. If anyone does come down, we desperately could use puppy dry or canned food and if you do not have a trip planned, you can always make a donation to Every dollar goes straight to the dogs whether it is feeding them, vaccinating them, spaying/neutering them or medically treating any conditions they may have when they come to us. Since Barb’s Dog Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your donations are completely tax deductible as well.

Many of the dogs and puppies that are in Rocky Point face different skin conditions like mange and ringworm. We have recently gotten in some dogs that were almost completely bald, as the mange was so bad. Thankfully, our great team led by our fearless leader Barb, has learned how to treat even the worst of these cases. Although it may take a bit of time (sometimes several months), we get each one of these dogs back to a condition where they are not constantly itching and actually have hair again! It takes a lot of organization and consistency of treatment (as well as a bit of patience on everyone’s part – the poor dogs especially!) but it is truly a miracle to see the transformation in these animals. Many of them have already been adopted out although, as soon as we adopt out some, we always take in more so it is a constant cycle.

Thank you to our friends in Phoenix, Tucson and Canada that help us adopt out some of the 150 plus dogs we have at Barb’s Dog Rescue and to all of you who stop by to adopt or even just to pet some of the pups. We always have dogs that need to be socialized so visits are always welcome no matter what the reason! We hope you are all enjoying your summer and the kids their time off from school!

As always, we would not be able to help any dogs or puppies without your support and all donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can either be dropped off at the rescue, mailed to P.O. Box 116, Lukeville 85341 or at We can also coordinate donations to be transported from Phoenix to Rocky Point. Please visit us on our Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page as well for updates, pictures and news.