Esperanza para Los Niños is a great local charity that looks after the needs of children with a disrupted family life. The children’s home has been helping children in dire need for over 30 years! Their new project is aimed at helping older kids and young adults, further their education.

You’ve no doubt seen their sign, Children’s Home – Esperanza Para Los Niños, or Hope for the Children, located about 15 miles outside of Puerto Peñasco. Their sign is located on the west side of the highway and their home is located just a few short blocks off the highway. They are a passionate institution with a spirit of service that offers love and protection for children who are in situations of need and who are vulnerable and homeless.

Their mission is to provide these vulnerable children with a home, food, clothing, and, above all, an education: One that informs their physical and moral formation. Establishing citizens, young people, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change in their community.

Established in 1985, the missionaries living and working at Esperanza have helped to restore the lives of children while instilling Christian values. Their strength is found in manifesting and teaching the love of God. At Esperanza they strive to transform the way children view life. Many have survived multiple traumatic experiences that range from the loss of a parent, violence, abuse, or family neglect. Esperanza para Los Niños is a dignified, compassionate, and loving support system for every child in need.

They currently provide quality assistance to 27 children and young people. This year, seven of their children completed primary and secondary level studies even through all of the challenges and restrictions imposed by Covid. They were able to do this and continue to help children in need with your much needed support.

They recently began a great project that has been their long-time dream for the young people of Puerto Peñasco. Esperanza will create an exclusive space where they can follow-up with adolescents and young people who were raised from a very young age in the home. This space will allow their young people aged 15 to 23 years old, to continue their studies into high school and university. They will keep instilling values, skills and responsibilities for adult life, work and family governed and founded by Christian principles into their young adults.

Esperanza para Los Niños would like to give recognition to their creator, and give a heartfelt appreciation to each of their donors and sponsors who have been God’s complement here on earth. Today, 30 years after their beginning, they would like to continue on the right path, sowing love, values and principles in every child and youth.

You can be part of this change, expansion and continued support for their children and youth in many ways. They accept donations in kind, as well as donations in money (cash, deposit, transfer). To learn more about the children’s home, or to help with their needs, please visit their website at

We are Esperanza!