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Laguna Shores

Lots of road traffic joined us as we headed out of town for the 3-day weekend, but we lost most of it at the Gila Bend turn-off. We had most of the highway to ourselves, headed south towards the Lukeville-Sonoita border. No running washes this time!

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Rain and Running Washes in Southern Arizona & Sonoyta

In Rocky Point last weekend, the weather turned a bit steamy as it always does in late July, and the breeze was anemic. But our beach front pool provided refreshment (and so did our air conditioning, and early morning deck perch!). Laguna Shores looked pretty busy with weekenders and summer vacationers, but less busy than 4th of July week. We stayed in this weekend and didn’t venture into town, except for Pemex gas on our way home (~$2.50/gallon). Sonoyta’s speed trap was in place when we entered the town, and someone was getting a ticket. Remember to slow down. Clear Sailing Through Lukeville Border

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