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Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club 8th Annual Horseshoe Tournament

April 18th 8 am: The fun began! 65 Teams competed for the coveted “First Place” bragging rights! We had some new players this year; some of which had never even thrown a horseshoe before! We went thru 8 kegs, over 700 Jell-O shots and who knows how much tequila! We set a record this year with 74 corporate sponsors. I swear, we have the BEST SPONSORS! Without our Sponsors, we just couldn’t do it!

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CBSC 7th Annual Horseshoe Tournament

The 7th Annual Tournament was held on April 5, 2014 in Cholla Bay. Mother Nature decided to challenge us with the wind in the morning. After she demolished a couple pop-up’s and made us look silly chasing registration forms, she calmed down. It ended up being a nice day for throwing some shoes!

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The CBSC 5th Annual Horseshoe Tournament was held on March 24, 2012! We MAXED out our Bracket Board with SIXTY-FOUR (64) teams, yes I said 64 teams!! Who could’ve predicted that turnout?! We thought Suzy was going to have a coronary keeping up with that many teams! However, she did an AMAZING job again this year! She had her faithful 3 (Frank, Art & Neil) for added support and help if needed. Billie worked her butt and legs off before the tournament getting everything done in Cholla Bay…Of course with the help of husband Mike. There is always so much pre-tournament “stuff” that needs to be done – someone has to do it, and Billie was right there doing it!! And during the tournament she was there to help wherever, and with whatever needed to be done.

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