Did you hear??  The 6th Annual CBSC Horseshoe Tournament will take place on APRIL 6, 2013!!  Can you believe it, this will be our SIXTH (6th) tournament!  It just keeps getting better & better!!  I hope you all saw the article in the September edition of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper (page 45) about the last tournament. We set a NEW RECORD!!!  64 TEAMS!! You guys rock!! Hopefully next year will be just as great!! 64 teams is the max we can have, so make sure you get down early to sign up next year!

We also had the MOST MAGNIFICENT SPONSORS EVER!! They are just AWESOME!! Without their generosity, we couldn’t have done it! I can’t say THANK YOU enough to ALL of them! Please CONTINUE to patronize ALL our sponsors YEAR ROUND!  I’m hoping that they will ALL be back on board with us again next year (hint, hint!!).  If any of you would like to become a Sponsor, please let me know!  If you know of a business (either local in Rocky Point or in YOUR neck of the woods in Arizona) that may want to be a sponsor, get me their e-mail address and I’ll send them some information!  We are always on the lookout for Raffle Prizes as well.  If you’d like to make a donation, please let us know!  Every little bit helps!
As you all know, The Rocky Point Red Cross benefits from our tournaments.  A portion of all the proceeds go directly to them!  Last year they said they may have a team play next year!  You should see the smile on their faces when we come in after the tournament to present them with our donation!  It truly is a great cause that benefits EVERYONE (locals and tourists alike)!  Portions of the proceeds ALSO go towards the maintenance, upkeep and manning of the Marine VHF Radio.  If you’re out on the Sea of Cortez and need help, just call!

So, the countdown begins, WHO will become the Champion of the 6th Annual CBSC Horseshoe Tournament?  Can  we EXCEED our earnings from last year?  WILL Suzy survive the bracket boards again?  CAN I yell louder than my megaphone?  WHO will be a judge along with Vinnie this year?  WHO will be the biggest sponsor this year?  WHO will be first to pass out in the pit?  WILL Moe (the mannequin) be kidnapped again this year?  WILL Rhea lose her voice calling out all the winning raffle ticket numbers?  WHO will be making the rounds with the Tequila shots (volunteers anyone)??  WILL the tournament end BEFORE the sun goes down?  WILL there be an after party again at La Casa de Booger-Picker?  Will YOU be there??  WILL Jeff be “ringing” his bell again this year?  WILL Al  survive the tournament?  WHO will have the craziest team costume and should they win a prize??  WILL Fernando & Manny actually PLAY in the tournament next year (Team Tequila Factory)??? WILL Nancy keep the popcorn popping again?  Will PAT actually relax and drink even MORE beer?  WILL Team BooBar show up this year?  Will RAY be on the winning team again?  WILL Mike be allowed to touch the microphone?  Will I never run out of things to say?
To find out the answers to these and many more questions, YOU’LL need to be there on April 6, 2013 for the 6th Annual CBSC Horseshoe Tournament!!

See you at the tournament in April!  Don’t forget, the CBSC has MANY other events throughout the year as well!  Visit our Facebook Pages:  Cholla Bay Sportsmens Club and CBSC Horseshoe Tournament!  See you in the Bay!