The CBSC 5th Annual Horseshoe Tournament was held on March 24, 2012!  We MAXED out our Bracket Board with SIXTY-FOUR (64) teams, yes I said 64 teams!!  Who could’ve predicted that turnout?! We thought Suzy was going to have a coronary keeping up with that many teams!  However, she did an AMAZING job again this year!  She had her faithful 3 (Frank, Art & Neil) for added support and help if needed.  Billie worked her butt and legs off before the tournament getting everything done in Cholla Bay…Of course with the help of husband Mike.  There is always so much pre-tournament “stuff” that needs to be done – someone has to do it, and Billie was right there doing it!!  And during the tournament she was there to help wherever, and with whatever needed to be done.

The players and spectators alike were greeted with donuts, courtesy of one of our sponsors, Reggie’s 8/12. They went really fast (I didn’t even get to try one). Teams were busy signing up all the way to the very end of registration!  In fact, the 64th team had to hunt me down inside the clubhouse to get registered. Michelle, Jane, Jeanie, Claire and myself were kept really busy getting all the players signed up as well as the spectators.

The players got some surprises in their Players Packets!  Local sponsor “BooBar” donated can coozies and local sponsor, “Wrecked at the Reef” donated 2 for 1 Drink coupons!  Thank you Sponsors!  I KNOW the players appreciated those gifts!

The games began promptly at 11AM and continued throughout the day. Mother Nature blessed us with a beautiful day in Cholla Bay. Bill busted his butt keeping all 8 pits raked up and ready for each game, on top of being our Official along with Vini.  I spent the remainder of the day circling the pits with my megaphone calling out the teams to report to their pit. I KNOW by the end of the day, some people wanted to break my megaphone – but hey, someone has to keep everyone jumping!

Nancy did a great job keeping the popcorn popping.  Don and Mike kept the beer flowing (and drank a “few” themselves). Ken, Jim and Donald kept the hot dogs turning – I even heard a rumor that Ken was making some quesadillas too!  I missed out on that as well!

We had some AWESOME sponsors this year and they included some Rocky Point businesses as well!  There are too many to try and name here.  Please see our Facebook Page for the list. I can’t say this enough times – PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR SPONSORS!  In these tough economic times, we need to help each other out!  Without their support, our tournament would not have been so great!  I want to personally thank each and every sponsor that helped out!  It was a pleasure working with you all this year and I hope you decide to sponsor us again next year (hint, hint)!

Our legs were killing us after bringing out all the raffle prizes.  You should try carrying them up and down the stairs without dropping them!  We had well over $1000 worth of raffle prizes. There was an abundance of Gift Certificates as well as prizes!  Rhea, Pat, MJ, Jeanie, Clair & Shirley were kept busy all day pulling tickets and awarding prizes to the happy winners.  I believe we may have set a new record in raffle ticket sales.

Speaking of sales, Judy, Linda and Dar did an awesome job in the Merchandise Booth.  They had a run on the CBSC bottle coozies with BUILT-IN bottle openers not to mention our Shirts & Tank Tops!  You ladies rock!

And who could forget our WONDERFULLY talented “official photographer” John Perrotta?  He tirelessly went around the entire event taking pictures for us!  Check out his photos on our Facebook Page “CBSC Horseshoe Tournament” and tag your picture!  I’m sure he got EVERYONE!  Thank you soo much John for a job well done!  You know this means you’re going to have to do this EVERY year for us!  Don’t worry – I’ll keep feeding you my Rum Punch during the tournament and my Jello Shots afterwards!

There’s just so much to say about this tournament.  A lot of hard work went into the planning of it.  Several men busted their butts setting the pits up early Friday morning and then again on Saturday morning!  Keep in mind – we’re always looking for volunteers!  If you want to help out, just let us know!  Everything went smoothly and I believe that’s due to the wonderful teamwork of the Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club members and all our volunteers (some of the players and spectators helped out as well)! I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with!  An extra special “THANK YOU” goes out to local sponsor, The Rocky Point Times Newspaper!  The beautiful ads that they created for us and ran in their newspaper were amazing!  They are ALWAYS so good to the CBSC!  Thank you so much Sandy & Tom!  Keep up the good work spreading the word!

By now I’m sure you’re probably wondering…WHO WON?! Since you’ve waited so patiently, I’ll tell you:


1st Place

The Pink Cadillac

Jack Shannon

Ray James

Donnie w/A&F Auto Sales presenting the winners








2nd Place

Choncho’s Grande

Frank Sedlak

Neil Mellon


Billie & Tammy w/CBSC presenting the winners

When Billie & I presented the 2nd Place Team with their winnings, they had a surprise for us.  BOTH NEIL MELLON AND FRANK SEDLAK DONATED THEIR $100 WINNINGS BACK TO THE PENASCO CRUZ ROJA (RED CROSS)!



3rd Place

No. Dakota St. University

2011 Nat’l Football Champions

Mike Pike

Tim Kendis

Donnie w/A&F Auto Sales presenting the winners

We’ll see you next year for the CBSC 6th Annual Horseshoe Tournament!  Be sure to register EARLY before the Bracket Board fills up again!  64 teams is our limit!

NEXT UP – The 57th Annual Fishing Derby!  Get your rods ready & fish!  The next Derby dates are:


May 10-13th

May 24-26th

Annual Fish Fry – May 27th at the Clubhouse

Be sure to get your Fishing Derby Shirts at the Ships Store.  They’re going fast!  We’ve already had to place a second order for them!







Please Show Your Support & Patronize All Our 2012 Sponsors Shown Here!


A&F Auto Sales, Tucson, AZ, (520) 247-0812


Artistic Tile & Metal, Tucson, AZ (520)-319-2125, www.artistictileandmetal.com

Baja Hotel & Cantina, Rocky Point, located in the Mirador area US: (602) 559-1705 www.hotelbaja.net

BooBar Cantina, Rocky Point, located in the Old Port Fish Market (638) 383-3078, www.boobar.net

Booger-Picker Productions, Mesa, AZ

Chango’s Rocky Point Bar, Rocky Point located on Sandy Beach (638) 382-8684 www.changosrockypoint.com

Choice Graphics, Cholla Bay (480) 345-0623

The ChuckBox, Tempe, AZ (480) 968-4712, www.theChuckbox.com,

Hardison Farms, Queen Creek, AZ

Hicks Safes & Locks, Inc., Phoenix, AZ (602) 955-8966, www.HicksSafes.com

IDN-West, Inc, Phoenix, AZ

Javic, Inc, Phoenix, AZ (602) 568-5711

Master Lock, available in the US www.masterlock.com

Mike’s HVAC, Benson, AZ (520) 747-5492 www.Mikeshvacaz.com

Mini Market La Cholla, Cholla Bay (638) 382-5281

The Monastery, Mesa, AZ (480) 474-4477 www.realfunbar.com

The Original Hamburger Works, Phoenix, AZ (602) 263-8693 www.originalhamburgerworks.com

Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Mesa, AZ (480) 733-7767  www.papamurphys.com

Peñasco Beauty Center, Rocky Point, on Constitution (044-638) 106-3619 www.penascobeautycenter.com

Peñasco Palooza, Rocky Point www.homeofthebraveconerts.com

Peñasco Tequila, Rocky Point tequilapenasco.com

The Pink Cadillac, Rocky Point, located in the Mirador area (638) 383-5880 pinkcadillacmexico.com

The Puppy Place, Tucson, AZ (520) 747-2711 www.puppyplacetucson.com

Ramon’s Cholla Water & Tank Service, Cholla Bay (044-638) 105-0551

Reflections Skincare by Lori, LLC, Gilbert, AZ   (480) 766-9960 reflectionsskincarelori@gmail.com

Roberto C. Aguilar, Cholla Bay & Rocky Point (044-638) 119-4986

Rocky Point Rides, Tucson, AZ (520) 207-0532 www.rockypointrides.com

The Rocky Point Times, Rocky Point www.rptimes.com (480) 463-6255

Slime, Worldwide Leader in Tire Care, available in the US www.slime.com

Tequila Factory, Rocky Point, located on Blvd Juarez & 12 St (638) 388-0606 www.tequilafactory.mx

Tucson Padres, Tucson, AZ  (520) 434-1367  www.milb.com

Wrecked, Rocky Point, located in the Old Port Fish Market

Wrecked at the Reef, Rocky Point, located on Sandy Beach

Xochitl’s Cholla Café, Cholla Bay (638) 382-5283


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