It took benefactors to donate the funds, laborers to do the work and time to bring it all together; but the walkway railing and graveled parking lot are complete at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in La Cholla.

Sexton Bob Keller said, “We’re happy to get the railing in place because the walkway was a little dangerous. I’m sure back in the states OSHA would have taken issue with the drop-off, but now it’s safe.

“We are grateful to Cholla Bay Powder Coating for their assistance in building and coating the railing. The powder coating will provide a durable finish that will need little or no maintenance over the years,” Keller said.

It took more than six large loads of gravel to cover the lot four inches deep in two-inch gravel. That depth will help to keep the weeds from sprouting and reduce wind-blown dust. That will mean less sand is tracked into the church.

One of the next enhancements will be filling the spaces on either side of the new French doors. “We have a sponsor who wants to put stained glass in the panels as a memorial for his family,” Keller said.

“With just a little bit of research, we found a skilled stained-glass artist here in Rocky Point who has offered the church a discount price to create the panels. His name is Gonzalo, and he is the owner of Curios Tlaxgala on Rodeo Drive,” Keller added.

Keller hopes to have the panels created and in place by June. They will help to reduce the cost of electricity since the narthex (foyer) is not air conditioned and heat has been coming through those open panels.

Two special services are coming up at St. Joseph. Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day in the U.S. The Mass that day will be in honor of all mothers and step-mothers, with a special blessing.

On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20, there will be a similar celebration, with a blessing of all fathers and step-fathers.

The bilingual Mass takes place at St. Joseph’s every Sunday at 8 a.m. To reach the church, take the road past the Sandy Beach Resorts and the dirt road past Wrecked at the Reef. Then, as you wind your way toward Cholla Bay, the church is on the right and clearly marked.

For information about services and sacraments at St. Joseph’s, contact Keller at 928-706-6928 or by e-mail at: Para Español, llamar Padre Marco Lopez at 638-127-2968.

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New walkway railing has been installed at St. Joseph’s and the parking lot is now covered with gravel to reduce dust and enhance the appearance, thanks to the generosity of many benefactors to the mission church where bilingual Mass is held every Sunday at 8 a.m.