Two beautiful, handcrafted niches now grace the walls of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in La Cholla, thanks to the skill and generosity of Mike Bibb, a long-time Rocky Point visitor.

Bibb first created a display niche for a statue of St. Francis, which was hand-carved from cantera stone by a local Mexican craftsman. That niche had to be constructed and mounted to accommodate the weight of the carving. It is displayed on the back wall of the church.

Having learned of Pastor Father Marco Lopez’s devotion to the Holy Spirit, Bibb designed and crafted a niche in the shape of the cross, to display a depiction of the Holy Spirit as a dove.

With the help of local workers using ladders and drills, the niche was mounted above the interior doors of the church. “The lofty location of the Holy Spirit niche is perfect,” said sexton Bob Keller, “and it is in full view for Father Marco has he calls on the Holy Spirit to fill us and guide our visitors on their travels.”

Mike and his wife Eileen live in Gilbert, Ariz., and vacation in their RV to Rocky Point several times a year. Mike has also been a contributing writer for the Rocky Point Times.

Bilingual Mass is offered at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays at St. Joseph’s. All are welcome.


One handcrafted niche at St. Joseph’s holds a cantera stone statue of St. Francis of Assisi and another a depiction of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. Both niches were designed, constructed and donated by Mike Bibb of Gilbert, Ariz.