The residents of La Choya (Cholla Bay) have, for many years, worked to keep litter and wind-blown trash picked up year-round. However, last month, high winds scattered an excess of refuse along the shoreline and streets. So, a group of residents formed an impromptu “Litter League” for a community-wide cleanup.

In 2023, in conjunction with the city’s Clean Beaches campaign, dozens of Choya property owners turned out for a half-day scouring of the beaches, filling dozens of bags with litter. Zofamat was on site to haul away the refuse both last year and last month.

The city prides itself on its clean beach program, which has focused mainly on the Sandy Beach area. However, because of its family friendly beaches, Choya Bay and Tucson Beach welcome a lot of beach lovers, year-round.

“Zofamat comes out to Choya every week with their trailer to empty beachside trash cans and pick up as much loose trash as they can in the time allotted,” said Lew Felton, secretary of the homeowner’s association in Choya and spearhead of the Fall ’23 cleanup campaign.

“They concentrate primarily on the shoreline; but loose trash finds its way from the community streets to the shore in these high winds. As part of our Keep Choya Beautiful campaign, we wanted to do a thorough cleanup before the spring visitors start arriving,” Felton added.

More than 20 neighbors turned out for the clean-up effort and have begun conversations about making it a regular, monthly project.

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Choya Litter Pickers gather for a group photo before heading off to gather wind-blown trash from throughout the community.

The Zofamat tractor hauls away a trailer full of bagged and large loose items collected by Cholla volunteers last month.