#2 Standing room only at San Jose'Through the generosity of the family of Mary Teresa and Clarence Wilson, long-time property owners in La Cholla, the San Jose’ mission church there has now received exterior stucco.

According to family members, Teresa was instrumental in getting the church started back in the early 1990s. Neither she nor Clarence lived to see the church become an active house of worship, but their family remembers how important that goal was to them.

On June 26 the family gathered for a celebration of life and to scatter Clarence’s ashes in Cholla Bay. They participated in the Mass at San Jose’ and placed a memorial plaque on the wall of the church. Nearly 90 people attended Mass that day. Even with the new pews and borrowed chairs, it was standing-room only.

At the end of the day, the family made a donation which was sufficient to pay for materials and labor for the stucco work.

“Our next goal will be painting the church,” said Pastor David. “Poco a poco, God provides.”

Catholic Mass is held every Sunday at noon at San Jose’. The service is bi-lingual with readings and music in English and Spanish and translation of the sermon by lay ministers or bi-lingual parishioners. In addition, Padre David is studying English in order to accommodate the visitors and residents who do not speak Spanish.

All are welcome and support is still needed. Parishioners look forward to the day when there will be electricity for lights and fans. But for now, everyone is thankful for the generosity that is making San Jose’ blossom – poco a poco.