“I Speak” is a wonderful language school and a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn Spanish or English in Rocky Point. My wife Lynne and I had a fabulous time in a Spanish immersion course this past April. The course was specially designed and taught by one of the schools owners, Ana Isabel Saborit Perez. Isabel is completely bi-lingual, and is an inspirational and motivating instructor. We signed up for three hours, five days a week for a month, at a very reasonable cost. It was amazing to us how fast the days went by and how quickly our ability to speak and understand Spanish improved. Lessons were professionally prepared and we received a very helpful workbook that was supplemented by several handouts throughout the course. Classes were delivered in the comfortable and well equipped classroom at the school. Isabel’s brother Victor, the other owner of “I Speak”, was always there to help and assisted in several of the classes.
At least once, and sometimes twice a week, Isabel led us on excursions to a variety of stores or just out on the street to practice. This not only was fun and confidence building, we also had a chance to go to new places and meet new people and experience new things. While the emphasis in the course was speaking the language, we got a very helpful dose of grammar and quite a bit of local culture and local idioms.
Lynne and I spend about a fourth of our time during the fall, winter and early spring months in Rocky Point. We have looked from time to time for language instruction that would pick us up from where we are and build on it. “I Speak”, and Isabel were ready willing and able to design and deliver a concentrated intense course that was built around our current capabilities and designed to quickly improve our ability to speak and understand Spanish language conversation. We will be going back and taking more classes at “I Speak” this fall and winter.
We want to highly recommend “I Speak”, Isabel, Victor and their staff to anyone seeking to improve their Spanish speaking ability. In addition to being tremendous instructors, Isabel and Victor are genuinely nice people. We feel we have made great new friends!
You can find I Speak on Facebook at “I Speak Escuela de Ingles y Español”. You can email Isabel or Victor at ispeakschoolrp@gmail.com or you can call Isabel or Victor at 638-388-8202 in Rocky Point. The I Speak school is located at Melchor Ocampo and Vicente Guerrero (kiddy corner to the corn stand) near the center of town and very easy to get to. I have been told that there is a Web site coming soon—so look for it!!