sadr-1“The Cholla 250, November 22 – 23rd

Southern Arizona Desert Racing (SADR) presents the last race of the 3 race schedule of 2013, on Nov 22 –23rd. The Cholla 250 for this year is slightly revised from the previous year’s event, but will include all of the technical sections along the mountain, and the rocky sections where driver and team discipline will excel. We will always include a few of our known silt beds to test your anxiety level, along with the HIGH-speed road sections to test your nerve and, like usual, we will have the multiple whoops sections so everyone will know who really has suspension knowledge.

Because of the new 42 mile start section we have shortened the laps to 90 mile loops 42 + 90 + 90. All Pro trucks and buggys will do the 42 mile start, plus (2) loops. All Sportsman trucks and buggies will do the 42 mile start and (1) 90 mile loop.

From here on out, we will be starting all our events in downtown Rocky Point, on the pavement. And, with that in mind, we will have registration and contingency at the Shrimp Plaza across the street from the Fire/Police station on Friday Nov, 22. Prior to the start on Nov, 23, we will once again parade everyone through town starting at Sandy Beach (finish line area) as in prior events. As in the past we will have the drivers meeting at “Wrecked at the Reef” on Sandy Beach, and the awards will be at JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay. Current year to date points are posted on the and our Facebook page. If you have never been to Rocky Point for one of our events, U-Tube has many videos for your enjoyment; a simple search of sadr/rockypoint will take you there. Our host hotels continue to be the fabulous “Sonoran Spa Resort” and the “Sonoran Sea” where discounts will be available.

We are pleased to state that SADR has reached a formal agreement with the Ejidos of Sonora Mexico. We want to thank all involved in the negotiations for stepping up and working with us so that we can continue providing the best racing events in Rocky Point for real desert racers.

At SADR there’s a place for everyone, from new racers to seasoned veterans. So if you’re on the fence, come check it out, and volunteers are always welcomed and appreciated.


For additional information contact:

Tim Rodda – Southern Arizona Desert Racing (SADR)