The Sonoran Desert Region stretches from Arizona in the north, well into Mexico in the south, and includes bits of New Mexico and California in the east and west. Much of the area was covered by an inland sea millions of years before volcanic activity and tectonic forces created the landscape we see today. You’ll find sky island habitats over 7000 feet, lush riparian areas, deserts that get less than 12 inches of rain annually and the magnificent Sea of Cortez. Some people are simply overwhelmed by the scenic riches to be found here. Some people, not so much.


BILL: Cap’n Greg, you gonna eat that last fish taco?

CAP’N GREG: I plan to, but first I want to see the sunset.

BILL: I’ve seen a thousand and they’re all the same.

CAP’N GREG: Not true, my friend.

BILL: I guess we have a different outlook.

CAP’N GREG: Aren’t you amazed by the wonder of it all?

BILL: Sure. I wonder when the waiter will come by so I can order more food.

CAP’N GREG: Do you know the tide movement here rivals the Bay of Fundy?

BILL: Baynard Fundy? Didn’t he play right tackle for the Patriots?

CAP’N GREG: Did you know there are dozens of species of animals and plants in the Sonoran Desert Region that are found nowhere else?

BILL: I think I’ll have the surf ‘n’ turf with a side salad.

CAP’N GREG: It appears you live in the moment and don’t see the big picture.

BILL: That’s what I need. A big pitcher of beer.

CAP’N GREG: Bill! Get your nose out of the menu, and look at the sky!

BILL: If you insist. But…Yow! What a sunset! I’ve never seen anything like that.

CAP’N GREG: See? Open your eyes and open your mind, and it’s incredible what you’ll experience.

BILL: Thanks, Cap’n Greg.

CAP’N GREG: You’re welcome.

BILL: So…You gonna eat that last fi