Jeri Poteste and her husband Tony are the owner/operators of La Spa located in the Sandy Beach Sonoran Spa Resort which opened in 1998.


1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

A glass ½ full person who considers her job in life is to help the underdog whose friends say if you want something done just ask Jeri the multi-tasker.

2. When and how did you first discover Peñasco?

In the late 1960’s came down and camped out on the beach and also visited her sister’s mother-in-law who had a place in Cholla Bay.

3. What enticed you to locate here?

Lived in Alaska for 19 years and came for a visit to Phoenix and introduced Peñasco to Tony who had never been to this part of Mexico. During the trip, toured Las Gaviotas which was under construction and decided they wanted a place in Mexico near the water. Since that time, they purchased multiple homes and condominiums for investment and residences.

4. What was your biggest challenge when adjusting to life here?

Navigating the rules and regulation of the Mexican bureaucracy and ever changing laws and interpretations.

5. How do you fill your days?

Two dogs, managing La Spa, working out five days a week including Zumba classes, lots of reading and charity work including the orphanage, Cinco de Mayo event and what else that strikes my fancy.

6. Besides here, where do you think of as home?

Born and raised in Phoenix but the 19 years in Alaska started as an adventure with a friend after my divorce who had an aunt and uncle who lived there.

7. What do you miss about that home?

The metropolitan Anchorage lifestyle and its theatre offerings, outdoor wilderness which was always an adventure and the monetary opportunities plus 24 hours of daylight.

8. What here always brings a smile?

The beach and the kids in the barrios.

9. If you were to leave, what would you miss most?

The community and the ocean.

10. What one thing would you say to convince someone to relocate here?

The laid back life style and “mañana” attitude.