Shandra (Sami) and her husband Plinio Rivero arrived in Peñasco in 2001 by way of Cuernavaca, Morelos in central Mexico. They now have an office suite in Plaza Pelicanos accommodating Plinio’s architectural firm and the family venture of Rocky Point 360 website – a resource for all things Peñasco plus Facebook management, web design, etc., etc. Additionally, Sami is a Sonoran certified translator providing services to community individuals and businesses


1. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Adventuresome spirit interested in languages, cultures and community.

2. When and how did you first discover Peñasco?

Plinio joined a couple of our friends who were going to explore the bar business opportunities in Peñasco in February 2001. During the visit, Plinio met a builder who talked about a collaborative effort to take advantage of Rocky Point’s growing vacation market.

3. What enticed you to locate here?

I joined Plinio in April 2001 to be part of the Rocky Point building boom which presented numerous architectural opportunities for Plinio. Our first home here was a 27’ trailer located in the now defunct Mirador area Playa Eleganté RV park.

4. What was your biggest challenge when adjusting to life here?

When we first relocated here I was not working and we only had one car and it was such a major adjustment from my previous busy work life, so I started providing Spanish classes at Playa Eleganté as a starting point to deciding what would be my direction.

5. How do you fill your days?

Lots of transformations have occurred since 2001 from initially providing individual Spanish/English classes, to developing a school and now with certified translation services. On a daily basis, there is a coffee group each morning, then maybe translation work, or writing for the website, or project planning or assisting with events for the Chamber of Commerce, the annual Bike Rally and the Rotary Club and just being out and about to keep Rocky Point 360 current and interesting.

6. Besides here, where do you think of as home and what do you miss about that home?

Although, I’ve lived in many places – born in Colorado, spent time in New Jersey and New Mexico, college in Massachusetts, exchange student in the Netherlands and time in Mexico; I’d say New Mexico is home and I miss the landscape, the people, the culture and friendships.

7. Prior to locating in Peñasco, what was your job/career path?

Moved to Cuernavaca after college where I had met Plinio during my junior year joined the staff of the Cuauhnahuac International Spanish Language School. During my time at the school, I was the student services coordinator and provided public and international relations which included planning; leading trips and working with the embassies and consulates whose students were coming to Mexico. First heard of Rocky Point (nobody called it Puerto Peñasco) from the Arizona students attending the school.

8. What here always brings a smile?

The Malecon with the little train car and the Sunday gathering of families, banda, and artists – just never know what you will see. Bonus smile – Google translations.

9. If you were to leave, what would you miss most?

Sunset over the Sea of Cortes, and RP 360 has enabled me to meet people from all walks of life including the incoming mayor and his wife plus the growing number of artists and musicians coming to our community.

10. What one thing would you say to convince someone to relocate here?

For the change of pace and attitude where you can always wear flip flops and shorts and take advantage of being very much a part of the community. You will love being here.