The Rotary Club in Puerto Peñasco is a service driven organization. My name is Dr. Sally Downey, and I am a proud member of that Club. I have been a Rotarian for 28 years because I believe in the Rotary motto: “Service above self”. Upon retirement and life in the states, having served as president of the Mesa, Arizona Rotary Cub, I now affiliate with the Puerto Peñasco Club.

I feel it is important to make sure that this community is familiar with and aware of what the Rocky Point Rotary Club is doing throughout the year. As we embark on Spring, which is the most perfect weather in Puerto Peñasco, we will be hosting fellow Rotarian Clubs from the United States. When these clubs spend time in our community, they bring with them financial resources. We will work in sync with these clubs on projects to improve our community. I will give you a run down in the future on the projects we completed.

We have many things planned for the rest of 2023 and we look forward to you joining us. The Peñasco Club helps the community in many ways such as facilitating eye clinics, dental clinics, fundraising events such as the FishBowl, which was held last month as well, as our Annual (No More) Polio Dinner which is usually held in the Fall as well as so many other community events such as helping the city with the current tick problem.

My goal is through the help of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper to keep everyone in our “Little Slice of Paradise” abreast of what the Rocky Point Club is working on or planning for the months ahead. I also want to invite any visiting Rotarian to Rocky Point to join out meeting each Wednesday morning at 9AM at The Friendly Dolphin Restaurant. The meeting is held in Spanish, but we also have an English briefing at 8AM.

Also, if there are any interested readers that would like to join our meetings and learn more about our Club, we would love to see you and hear from you. Our website is, email us or you can call me: Dr. Sally Downey at (480) 612-5783.

“Service above Self” What a great way to live!!!