Last month our club had the pleasure of hosting forty Rotarians from Utah. These Rotarians spent nearly a week with us performing service projects daily. They did a beach clean-up, they cleaned, painted, and landscaped the new dialysis center and spent one day going door to door with the city Health Department representatives to administer polio vaccines to children in need.

We also hosted a group of Rotarians from Freemont, California in February. This club made a very large donation to La Montaña the school that serves students with disabilities. They provided computers and many other much needed school supplies.

We as Rotarians are lucky to affiliate with the Puerto Peñasco Rotary Club, because we are located in a beautiful place! This beautiful place and reputation for displaying great hospitality makes Rocky Point a great destination for Rotary service. We look forward to hosting many more Rotary clubs in the future and benefiting from their countless service.

I also want to thank all of you for your participation in our Annual Fish Bowl event and hope you enjoyed the event. The Fish Bowl is our big fund raiser and we depend on your attendance to make it a success. We had twenty-eight restaurants and seventeen artists involved this year and hope to even make it bigger next year. We also had success this year with our “Super Bowl” square sales – thanks to all of you!

February was a very busy and successful month for our club and with the money we have raised we will be able to target more needs in our community…stay tuned to see what those initiatives will be. Also, if any of you have ideas of projects we could get involved with please contact me or the club.

As always if you are interested to learn more about Rotary, you can visit our website at or call me Dr. Sally Downey at 480-612-5783 or attend a meeting every Wednesday morning at 9am at the Friendly Dolphin “Service above Self” what a great way to live!

There is a true benefit to the city of Puerto Peñasco because there is a rotary club here!! Now, let me tell you why. Several years ago, when I was president of the Mesa, Arizona Rotary Club we partnered with the Tempe Rotary Cub and others to purchase a “jaws of life” vehicle. We wanted to donate this vehicle to the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross but ran into a “snag” when there was no Rotary Club in Peñasco to receive the donation. We ended up working with a rotary club in Tijuana, Mexico that could receive the donation and then drove the vehicle to Rocky Point.

Now that Rocky Point has a very active Rotary Club we are able to work with and receive donations from rotary clubs all over the world.